Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ok Solange! I am not talking about your hair no mo!

Listen ya'll! Stop admiring and talking about Solange Knowles and her natural hair...because as she says she is not the poster child for natural hair or team natural. Hair is hair and she obviously doesn't care about it.....Well slap me in the face. The last time I saw Solange..She was the poster child for Carol's Daughter Transitioning Movement....which correct me if I am wrong is dedicated to women with natural hair??????? I wonder what the CEO over at Carol's Daughter had to say about Solange's comments since they have been using her along with Cassie for months as the spokesmodel's for their "HAIR" campaign.

So Solange, " I know Carol's Daughter is not your bread and butter but I am pretty sure they cut you a check every so often and would not appreciate you not wanting to talk about no damn hair no mo." #justsaying

DO NOT buy a product because a celebrity endorses it.....because although we in the natural hair community care about our hair and wear satin caps .....they don't really care as much as we do! My goodness...she doesn't even wear a satin cap! lol

Just to add insult to injury...Solange not wanting to talk about hair is like Wendy not wanting to talk about burgers...It's just not right. Your face is all over a hair care website but hair is not important to you?  #cray

I wonder if she even uses Carol's Daughter products.....

Solange Tweets: 

What do you think? Should we give Solange a pass since she was very emotional that day or NOT? I am just outraged that she doesn't wear a satin cap...LOL


  1. I agree with you now that she is no more on her sister 's shadow she can have HER own name "Solange" thankS TO "The Natural Community" ( not me because i am natural since 10 years AND NOT BECAUSE OF A CELEBRITY) who has endorsed her, she can throw IT under the bus and denigrate IT BECAUSE SHE DOES NOT NEED IT ANYMORE.

  2. ICAM with you ladies! If she doesn't want Carols daughter checks "no mo", she can sign them over to me.

  3. I give her a pass because she was pissed that people were criticizing how she wears her hair. I'd be pissed too if people called me nappy.

  4. I understand how she feels. Just because she promotes carols daughter doesn't mean she wants to be the spokes person for natural hair. Every person in a makeup commercial or hair dye commercial isn't considered a makeup artist or hairstylist. So why should she be criticized and look down on because she doesn't feel as strongly about hair as others do. Yes she's a spokes person for natural hair productsv but that could simply just mean when she has to do here hair, which everyone does, those are her go to products. Yes she is natural and yes she uses carols daughter that doesn't mean her life has to revolve around her hair.

  5. Solange may sleep between satin or silk sheets and pillowcases. Therefore, the cap could be unnecessary. 'Solange Knowles' is a famous name to associate with the Carol's Daughter brand, and they've benefited from the association, whatever the length of time. I think she's trying to convey that she likes their products, yet isn't a natural hair expert/guru-spokesperson.

    I like the natural hair project hairstyle images I've seen on your blog, Kurlee Belle; I just discovered it, today. I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts.

  6. I think we need to let this girl live. We are so pressed about what these celebrities are doing, but hair is hair. We put her on a pedestal she didn't ask to be on!


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