Monday, June 4, 2012

Mad Hair Monday: Vacation in the SUN!

Hello Kurlees! ! It's Monday again and I hope you guys had as much fun as I did over the weekend. Friday was Labour Day here in the Bahamas so we had a long weekend. For the holiday, I travelled to Long Island, Bahamas to partake in the Long Island Regatta. For those of you that are not familiar with island life, here is a little history on the Bahamas and a regatta: The Bahamas is comprised of 700 islands and cays. If you've ever visited the Bahamas, you've probably visited Nassau which is one of the smaller Bahama Islands and the capitol (Nassau is the city, New Providence is the name of the Island). Regatta's are a series of boat races where sailers from all over the Bahamas compete. Bahamians love regattas because it's a time to enjoy our wonderful sun, sand and sea, drink lots of alcohol and eat great food. Basically, it is one big party!

This particular Regatta held on Long Island, Bahamas is the 2nd biggest regatta in the country. I had a wonderful time hanging on the beach, boating and relaxing in the sun. We stayed at a lovely cottage in Lochabar, Long Island that sat literally on the beach. We had camp fires, went jet skiing, diving for fish, tanning and just having a great time!

Most importantly, I learned something about vacationing with natural hair. The summer is here and I know many of you have caribbean vacations planned so here is a tip if tropical paradise is in your future.

My vacation to the island was not planned, therefore I didn't prep my hair for what was about to happen. Natural hair can be very high maintenance at times. If you're anything like me, I like to keep my natural hair tight even if it means twisting/styling every night. When you're on a vacation the last thing you want to worry about is doing your hair. My suggestion is to get a 'no fuss' style like a braided updo or mini twists. If you have unpredictable hair, a twist out will cause more harm than good when the humidity starts to kick in or your hair is attacked by salt water. I opted for mini twists, they worked like a charm for my day and night looks and fit well under my straw hat. On the first day, the humidity was out of control but my hair survived due to lots of moisture and bobby pins.

Vacation MUST haves:

Bobby pins
Straw hat- to protect hair from sun damage
Spray bottle-filled with bottled water (Aquafina is my choice- less frizz)
Curl cream- for moisture
Gel- for smoothing edges
Satin Bonnet
Oil- to seal in moisture

This is how it all started! 

A guide to Private Islands! 

The view from my room! 
Taking it all in! Look how wonderful God is. 

This is how it all started! Let the fun begin. 

Boating must haves: Water, towel, straw hat! 

Hats will fly must hold on!

Come aboard the party boat Terri! Exchanging passengers and beer mid ocean! 

Gone Bananas! 

Rupert's Legend! 

Ashley and I! The straw hat fits perfectly over my mini twists pin up style! 

Swimming in the Blue Hole with the girls! 

Travis aka Johnny Deep aboard the party boat! 

The crew! 

Jet ski-ing or something like it! Mini twist pinned up! 
Going back home via private plane! 

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  1. Looks like you had a great time! I've never been to LI Regatta but it along with Crabfest are on my bucklist to attend!


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