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Happy New Year From Terrinique & The Kurlee Belle Team

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askpRoy Tutorial: Holiday Hairstyle? Twist and Curl on Dry, Stretched Hair (Video and Written Tutorial)


Classically named and rightfully so.  These curls are so easy to achieve and are the base of this popular style that I refreshed, rocked, and recorded.

If you need a holiday style or are just too lazy to wash and set your hair, this is easy enough to do and the results are stunning.  Check out product details, tutorials and more pics below!

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What You'll Need:
Perm Rods

For my moisturizer and gel I used Kurlee Belle products that I received two weeks ago.  I'll do a formal review on them soon!  I am also using Nature's Shine Oil Blend by Organics Roots Stimulator that I received in a curlBOX ions ago.  You can use whatever products that work best for your hair to achieve this style.

I also used two sizes of perm rods for inconsistency in curl size (makes everything look more natural that way).

Your hair doesn't have to be washed... and really it doesn't need to be stretched, either.  This style can be achieved on both wet and dry hair.  For me, I like to do this style on dry, stretched hair.  Have your way!

  1. Divide hair into two sections by creating a horizontal part from ear to ear.  You should have a top and bottom part.
  2. Clip away top portion of hair.
  3. Spritz water on the bottom section of hair
  4. Starting from the nape, section off hair for twisting by grabbing a medium/large section of hair.
  5. Using a little of your moisturizer, work it in from end to root, focusing on the ends of your hair.
  6. Add a smidgen of gel to the ends of your hair (a little goes a long way).
  7. Detangle with your comb to make sure hair is smooth for twisting.
  8. Two strand twist hair in downward motion about 2/3 of the way.
  9. Smooth the rest of the hair around a perm rod and roll hair until you reach the twisted hair.
  10. Secure perm rod and repeat process until the your whole head is twisted.
  11. Spritz hair with oil (optional) to seal in the moisture.
  12. Let dry at least 3 hours (air dry) or you can use a hooded dryer OR sleep on the style.
To take down the style (according to pictorial pictured below):
  1. Remove all perm rods.
  2. Separate all twists.  You can spritz your hands with a little oil to keep the frizzes at bay.
  3. Separate the hair according to your liking.
  4. Fluff hair with hands or pick (your choice - optional)

I ended up with 20 twists, so I needed 20 rollers.

Need more guidance and a little laugh? Check out the video below:

Remember: Twist your hair in the front forward so that it can set forward.  
You want it to frame your face like this:

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Bsherai's Blog Review: Kurl Defining Creme from Kurlee Belle…LOVED IT! (Video Coming Soon)

Recently I was given the opportunity to try and review two products from Kurlee Belle. The Kurl Defining Crème and the Jelle Coconut Styling Gel. Since Saturday was my wash day I decided to give these products a shot and I am happy that I did!

The Routine:
I started with my normal washing routine which includes a good shampoo, 30 minute deep condition, and a nickel size dollop of leave in conditioner to finish. (Currently I am using Dr. Miracle’s Curl Care Shampoo & Conditioner). After my wash routine I lightly grease my scalp…yes grease my scalp. I have found that oil doesn’t work for my hair and I end up with dry scalp. Anyways, after I grease my scalp I parted my hair into small sections to prepare to do twists. I added a dime size of The Kurl Defining Crème to that section of hair, lightly comb through and twist. The next morning I wake up, untwist and fluff. It was that easy!
The Result:
I loved the result of my twists. I normally use Miss Jessie’s Curly Buttercreme, however I think I will make the change to Kurlee Belle’s Kurl Defining Crème for several reasons. First the price, Miss Jessie’s is $32 per 8oz jar. With Kurlee Belle, you get the same amount of product but it only cost $18. Second, every time I use Miss Jessie’s I have to be care of the amount of product that I use because It always leaves my hair feeling oily or greasy. Nobody wants a greasy curl. I found with the Kurl Defining Crème the product had WAY LESS grease AND kept my hair moisturized. Next, lets talk about the smell. PURE AMAZING! Honestly, it smelled like a cupcake baking or a cake mixture it was AWESOME! I always smell my products and most of the time if I don’t like the smell I won’t use it because that is something that I will have to smell 24/7, but this I can smell all day! The Kurl Defining Crème is suppose to moisturize, de-frizz and define curls. It is now Tuesday and my curls are still defined and not frizzy. (At night I put my hair into big twist and wear a satin cap). Last night I was lazy and just through my bonnet on and this morning all I had to do was fluff and BOMB…my twist was still good!
Besides the price, smell and the definition of curls the company also has The No List. This list is comprised of all of the ingredients that ARE NOT in their products. In particular for the Kurl Defining Crème The No list is: No parabens. No sulfates. No Animal Ingredients. No Gluten. No Paraffin. No Phthalates. No Mineral Oil. No PABA. No DEA. No Synthetic Color. No Propylene Glycol. No Petroleum.
In all, I love this product. For all of my natural gals or those who are looking to achieve great twist, twist outs, braids, etc…you need to try this product. Will I use it again? ABSOLUTELY, and I suggest you do as well. You will notice that I did not talk about the Jelle Coconut Styling Gel. That is because I normally use styling gel when I do updos towards the end of the week. Please stay tune for an upcoming blog post about the Jelle Coconut Styling Gel AND a video tutorial of how I do my twist-out using the Kurl Defining Crème
To purchase the Kurlee Belle products mentioned here or other Kurlee Belle products log onto www.kurleebelle.com . 

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Monday, November 11, 2013

Saturday, November 2, 2013

10 Habits of Extremely Gorgeous Natural Hair

1. Choose your shampoo wisely..... we all know that naturally curly hair is prone to dryness but needs to be cleaned. If you are a co-wash kind of gal then more power to you but every once in awhile your scalp and hair needs to be rid of excess product, dirt and oil. Shampoo your curls with a gentle moisturizing cleanser like Almond & Shea Butter Moisturizing Shampoo that removes build up while leaving your tresses soft, moisturized and detangled. A little of this shampoo goes a long way, use a dime to quarter size on wet hair for freshly clean curls.

2. Moisturize is KING! A healthy natural hair care regimen always includes a leave-in conditioner. A great leave-in conditioner will provide slip for detangling, add shine and seal in moisture. Thirsty Kurls Leave-In Conditioner detangles on contact making it easy to finger detangle or comb freshly shampooed hair. Want springy defined curls? Always use a leave-in conditioner. 

3. "Dusting" Split ends. There is a myth that trimming natural hair is not necessary----especially if you've taken a vow never to straighten your hair. Natural hair needs trims too. Lucky for us, we can do it all by ourselves. All you need to dust your ends are a pair of professional hair scissors--- these scissors should only be used for your hair not for cutting paper or fabric. Twist hair in small sections and snip knots or split ends. This is a great way to keep your ends in check between salon visits. Sealing the ends with a light oil like Kurlee Tropical Oils Blend, will ensure that they are moisturized and reduce damage. 

4.  Protecting from heat. Wet hair is defenseless against hot tools. Always use a heat protectant when blow drying. If you are straightening the hair, apply a heat protectant to wet hair, completely blow dry then straighten. Not using a heat protectant will result in heat damage and your curls could become permanently straight. 

5. Regulate your water temperature. Different stages of the "Wash Day" routine requires changes in water temperature. When rinsing out shampoo, use warm water to get rid of dirt, grease and oils. The water temperature should not be too hot because higher temperatures can be drying. Rinse out conditioners or deep treatments with cool water to seal in the moisture. Try Banana Nut & Avocado Deep Treatment for your next conditioning experience--- NaturallyCurly.com says it is the BEST Deep Treatment. 

6. Changing your part. If you part your hair in the same place all the time, the part will eventually get wider. "Years of constant pulling and stress create hair loss," says Eufora Hair Care Founder Don Bewley. So you gotta switch it up sometimes. 


7. Don't be afraid to switch it up. "All work and no play, makes Jane a dull girl." Have some fun with your natural hair and switch it up. Don't wear your ponytail or section your hair in the same spot all the time because repeat styling causes breakage. Alternate between wash n' go's, twist outs, bantu knots and braids. Your hair will thank you. 

8. Air Drying is always the best policy. For obvious reasons, we know that taking a vacation from heat is the best way to go. Heat can be drying causing weak, brittle and sometimes permanently straightened hair. Luckily for us, most natural hair styles yield better results when they air dry: Wash n' go's, twists, braids, bantu knots, etc. 

9.With Products less is more. 
Many naturals like to apply a generous amount of product to their strands. If you find that your shoulders or hair is covered in little white particles after drying then you have used too much product. Each section of hair only needs about two small fingertip swipes of product. If your index finger is completely drenched in curl creme or gel then you've gone too far. A little will go a long way if you use a styling product that is made from rich ingredients. Try Kurl Defining Creme or Jelle Coconut Styling Gel for sexy shapely curls. 

10.Towel Drying is not allowed.  Using a towel to catch water from soaking wet hair seems like the most practical thing to do. The problem with using a towel is that its rough surface can rip the cuticle. Use a t-shirt to dry wet curls because it will be gentle on your strands. 

What are your thoughts?

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Omarosa to Bethenny: You Get Rewarded for Being Mediocre Because You're White

Watch clips from the interview below! 

Are we pass this....or is Omarosa right?

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Cosmos & Curls Hosted by Terrinique & MelissaChanel

Cosmos & Curls hosted by Terrinique (CEO of Kurlee Belle) & Melissa Chanel (Natural Hair & Fashion Blogger), took place in Charlotte, NC on October 18th at Cosmos Uptown. The event was a huge success bringing in naturals from all over North Carolina & South Carolina to mix and mingle while sipping on delicious drinks. Check out the below photo gallery from the event.

Several guests received goody bags that contained either Kurlee Belle's New! Kurl Defining Creme , Jelle Coconut Styling Gel or Kurlee Tropical Oils Blend. Lucky winners also received a "I Love Kurlee Belle" tote bag.

The event was filled with a lot of beautiful natural ladies and laughter. We had an AMAZING time. It was great meeting all of the wonderful natural ladies on NC and SC. We meet amazing bloggers/vloggers like AmandaG and Naturally Glamoros.

To stay connected with Terrinique & Melissa Chanel, check out their IG pages or blogs.


Terrinique (Left) & Melissa Chanel (Right)

If you took photos at the event and do not see them above, please email info@kurleebelle.com with the subject line 'Cosmos & Curls'. Let us know what you were wearing so that we can send your photos to you or post.

Photography by: www.jmarkphotos.com
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