Monday, June 25, 2012

Kurlee Fashion Frenzy: Peplum Everything!

Hello Kurlees! Happy Monday! Yes, I am the annoying coworker who walks into work all cheerful on Monday morning and takes the time to say Good Morning to everyone!

Today, I decided to spice it up a little and introduce a new feature. If you are an avid reader of, then you are accustomed to seeing an interview each Monday or a Mad Hair Monday Model but today it's all about fashion!

If you follow fashion trends then you probably own or have seen the Peplum! This cute trend comes in the form of a blouse/shirt, skirt or dress. I love this trend because it disguises that little bulge of fat under the navel area so me just enough time to work off the extra pounds before bikini season (technically we are a week into bikini season..)

Beyonce and Lady Gaga are featured rocking one of my favorite colors. In your opinion, who wore it best?

I promised I wouldn't talk about Solange no mo...but we all admired how stunning she looked in this ultra chic neon yellow peplum gown!

Here are some pieces that I've considered adding to my peplum collection. Follow me on Instagram @terrinique to see which one or ones I chose.

Do you own a peplum piece?

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