Monday, April 30, 2012

Mad Hair Monday Model: Halle Berry

Looks like Halle Berry has joined team curly. Miss Berry was spotted rocking her new do while playing with daughter Nahla in Malibu, Ca.

What do you think of Halle's new curly hair?

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

So good it taste like CAKE! Conditioners & Deep Conditioners.

If you've just started your natural hair journey or a veteran in this game, you know that giving your hair extra TLC is key. I've said it numerous times, daily moisturizing and weekly conditioning is MUST. We know that water is the one true moisturizing agent and oils are the sealants....but what about conditioners? How important are they and what should I look for based on my hair needs?

An essential in any conditioner for curly, kinky, or coily hair is its detangling abilities but what should I use if I have thin, dry or damaged hair?

Is this you? "When I take pictures the flash shows all the gaps in my afro"--->You have thin hair. 
Solution: Volumizing Conditioners coat the hair and act as a thickening agent. In essence building up volume in the hair shaft. 

Is this you?  "My hair feels like straw and looks really dull"---> You have dry hair. 
Solution: Moisturizing Conditioners replenish the moisture lacking in dry, brittle hair and adds body and sheen. Evenly coat the strands before washing away. You don't have to see the product to know that it's working. If you can see it sitting on top of your hair. You know you've applied to much. 

Is this you?  "I flat iron and color my hair a lot. It's not as healthy as it used to be"---> You need protein. 
Solution: Protein Conditioners feed the hair and help strengthen the hair shaft by replenishing nutrients taken out by chemical processing. 

Is this you?  "I just got the bomb-A$$ color but now it's starting to look dull. "---> You need a color pick me up. 
Solution: Color-Safe Conditioners don't strip the hair of its color but add a little boost to your already glowing locks. 

No matter what condition your hair is in, every girl needs a good leave in and deep conditioner. 

Leave-in Conditioners should be used in addition to your regular conditioner for extra moisture. If you use a regular conditioner and wash it out, your hair isn't getting the moisture it requires and that's where a good leave in conditioner comes in. 

Deep Conditioners are essential no matter your hair condition. Dry or healthy, you can always use a good conditioning. Deep conditioners restore the pH balance in your hair, replenishing any nutrients lost from too much coloring and over processing. DC's should be done every six to eight weeks or as much as possible. 

Here is the recipe to my Banana & Avocado Deep Conditioner that I created. 

1 Banana--(use a rotten banana---(black skin ensures that its rotten)
1 Egg
1/2 cup Mayo
1 teaspoon avocado oil
1 teaspoon vitamin e oil
1 teaspoon jojoba oil
1 teaspoon castor oil

Blend all ingredients together with a blender. It is very important that the banana is blended smooth. If not you may have chunks of banana residue left over after your wash. 
Coat strands evenly.
Apply a plastic cap.
Sit under hooded dryer for 15 to 20 mins. 
Rinse with shampoo.
Apply regular conditioner and leave in.
Style as usual. 

My hair was really soft after using this combination. 

This batch makes a lot of conditioner. Refrigerate the rest and reapply in one week. 

Which hair problem do you identify with?

Monday, April 23, 2012

Mad Hair Monday Model: Kreesha Turner

Good Monday Morning Kurlees! I hope you had a great weekend....I sure did...saw the movie "Think Like A Man" and advise all ladies to go see it. It was great!!! I think I may go see it again. I know that was anywho...Today's lovely face is a Canadian/ Jamaican song bird named Kreesha Turner.

Kreesha's unique sound is a blend of pop, electronica and r&b. If you haven't heard her you must stop by her site.

On her website, Kreesha states that she wanted to wear her natural tresses to inspire other curly and kinky haired girls to wear their hair naturally, since so many famous ethnic women don't. 

Go Kreesha! We too are on the #teamnatural train! 

Check out more photos and listen to some of her tracks here

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Kurlee Belle Brown Sugar & Coconut Oil Hair Conditioner

1/2 cup of jojoba oil
1/2 cup of coconut oil
2 teaspoons of brown sugar
1/2 cup of organic apple cider vinegar or 1/2 cup of lemon juice
5 drops of essential tea tree oil
5 drops of essential rosemary oil
5 drops of essential sage oil

1. Combine ingredients and mix well to dissolve sugar. 
2. Hair should be unwashed/dry. Apply mixture to hair by gently massaging oils into the scalp. Massaging the scalp encourages penetration of essential oils and prevents pore clogging and dead skin cells. Rub the mixture from root to tip to seal hair strands.  
3. Comb through hair to allow maximum coverage. 
4. Apply shower cap and let stand for 15-20 mins. 
5. Rinse with a mild shampoo. (For dry hair texture rinse with a cream based shampoo.)

*You can either substitute apple cider vinegar or lemon juice. Lemon juice can cause a lightening effect. If you want to lighten your hair color then lemon juice is recommended.

Friday, April 20, 2012

High Fashion & Over the Top Natural Hair: Joan Smalls in Vogue

Those who love fashion know that Vogue is to fashion as the Bible is to Christianity. In the most recent issue of Vogue, model Joan Smalls sports hair over the top natural hair do and trendy shorts. Looks like this season is all about #teamnatural and short shorts...If you're reading this blog you're either natural or thinking about going natural...

so have you jumped on the short shorts train yet? 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

NEW Natural Hair T-shirt & Tank: Kiss My Kurls!

We had to give you a sneak peek of our NEW! Natural Hair Self Expression tee! Like the Kurlee Girls Rock and I Love My Curls shirts, this shirt will be available as a t-shirt or tank in Black! 

All shirts are true to size, fitted and longer length! We hope you love the shirt as much as we do. 

We will be announcing our GIVEAWAY DEETS in a few days! If you will be attending the World Natural Hair Show, please stop by Booth 119 to purchase a Kiss My Kurls (Tshirt or Tank), Kurlee Girls Rock (Tshirt or Tank) or I love My Curls (Tank)!

Kurlee Girls Rock 

I Love My Curls 

Does Natural Hair Make You Look Smarter?

Like all things uncommon, there is a certain stigma attached to women who wear their natural hair or an afro. While walking through, the Nassau Straw Market (tourist attraction in Nassau, Bahamas) many of the vendors solicited my attention by calling me "Soul Sister". On another occasion, while having drinks at a bar with a friend,  a lady walked in with a very huge afro and one of the patrons at the bar held up their fist as to make the "Black Power" or "Black Panther" sign. 

Since I've been natural, men have approached me differently. Many of their pick up lines start with "I love your hair" followed by a bright smile. One guy even asked me "You must be really DEEP, since you wear your hair natural and all." I rolled my eyes at his comment as if women with straight hair are less deeper. 

While having a separate conversation with another gentlemen, he expressed his opinion of natural hair and that it was something that he admired. In his words "A women that is natural is truly confident because she is not afraid to reveal her unadulterated self to the world. And that is beautiful."

There is something about natural hair that expresses to the world that you are comfortable with who you are and that somehow transcends into intelligence. Natural hair says that this women knows who she is, what she wants and where she is going. Women with natural hair are defying the norm and defining what is truly beautiful. 

Do you think your natural hair makes you look smarter?

Monday, April 16, 2012

Mad Hair Monday Model: Gabifresh

Good Monday Morning Kurlees! While searching the twitterverse, I stumbled upon the ultra stylish and fashionable Gabifresh. Gabi Greg formerly of Young Fat and Fabulous is a fashion blogger that shows girls how to look fab at any size. Check out Gabi's many looks on her blog

Check out her blog here

Friday, April 13, 2012

Naturally Pretty: 6 celebs who keep it Naturally Curly & Naturally Straight

What is the definition of Natural Hair anyway? Does it only include those of us who don't do anything to alter our hair? Or does it mean not using chemicals? Or does it just mean those of us who prefer to wear our own hair instead of someone else's from India? Today we've decided to highlight the latter, those who just wear their own hair be it natural or straight!

Oprah...the queen of day time tv...well basically she is the queen of the world.

Tyra Banks....The second queen of daytime tv and everything crazy. Now a Harvard graduate.

Solange...once known as Beyonce's baby sister but I think she is making quite a name for herself. We were all shocked when Solange unveiled her BC...but now her hair has been showing up on many natural hair blog sites.

Viola Davis really took over the red carpet with her smoking HOTT TWA. Viola---You is kind. You is smart. You is important........(I had to do it!)

Corinne Bailey Rae---doesn't she look so innocent like she could not kill a fly? When I see her on the red carpet no matter how outrageous the outfit...I still have to say "Bless Her Heart". 

Erykah Badu---when I think of her I think of "soul" music. Her voice is so incredible it's even used to bring babies into the world? Don't believe me? Google it. 

Who rocks their natural tresses best? You tell us. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cute Hat Hair!

You’ve seen hat hair before, the dreaded shape that your hair takes when you’ve just removed your hat…and you scrambled to a mirror to get a glimpse of your reflection to reshape your tresses. I'm always skeptical about wearing a hat. In the below pic, I'm wearing what i like to call a "Cowboy/Straw Hat"'s the first hat I've bought in forever. My reasoning for not expanding my hat collection was... 1) I don’t like things on my head and 2) what if my head gets hot and I have to remove the object and am left with hat hair. :) I have to admit that I had hat hair after removing my new accessory but I didn't care because I loved my new purchase so much! And will be investing in more fabulous hats..
Enjoying a sunny day at sea in my Cowboy/Straw Hat

Traditional hats are not shaped to cover our naturally curly or naturally coily afros--just try wearing a classic baseball cap on your "oh so big afro"---so what is a girl to do when the need for a hat is imminent? 
In order for us to look as equally cute in our hat choices as our straight hair counterparts, we must adjust the hair to fit. Depending on the length of your hair and texture you may want to invest in hats with shorter brims to show off your tresses which would include: fedora’s, small straw hats, and beanies. If you have a looser longer curl pattern then pretty much any size hat will do.  
Tuck and roll your hair into a beanie.....wear a twist out under a fedora.....or pin down your straw hat so it doesn't fly away.....
Looks of Hat Hair Inspiration 

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