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YAY! We Made MsVaughn's February FAVS!!!

Natural Hair Twists Updo and OOTD

Terri's Summer Hair and Skin Care Regimen 

Reverse Cornrow Updo 

1. Wash and condition the hair.

2. Apply oil to seal in moisture. 

3. Apply curl defining cream or butter. 

4. Section the hair (Crown of head that will not be braided and the braided section).

5. Separated each section with a butterfly clip.

6. Begin braiding at the sides by parting the hair downwards and braiding from the direction of the ears up (Braid to the tip of the hair so the braid does not lose). Braid all around head.

7. Section the top of the hair into small sections and two strand twist.

8. Apply flexi rods to twisted hair and braided ends. Apply water if necessary.

9. After hair is dry separate twisted hair and pin braided hair as necessary.

Braid N Curl Updo

Materials used for Braid N Curl Updo:
Coconut Oil
Flexi Rods
Hair Pick
Small tooth Comb
Bobby Pins
Hooded Dryer

Honey and Lemon Mask 

1 tablespoon 100% Honey
1 teaspoon lemon

This homemade treat leaves you with smooth and vibrant skin while fading dark spots. Leave on for 30 mins and rinse with warm water. Then apply your moisturizer as necessary. Enjoy Kurlee Kuties.

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