Wednesday, February 29, 2012

House of Dereon Spring 2012 Collection: Kinks, Curls & Waves!

House of Dereon Spring 2012 Collection is Hotter than HOT! Bey might have just had a baby but her body of work with this collection is off the charts! Beautiful colors like coral, shades of blue, olive, pink and beige have my mouth watering!  I have never been a fan of House of Dereon but this line has me thinking twice. Bey's little sister Solange must have been an inspiration for the Spring Collection because its all about natural kinks, curls and waves! Enjoy Ladies!

Check out the Look Book, here! 

Monday, February 27, 2012

Mad Hair Monday Model: Viola Davis

If you missed the Oscars last night..then you missed something really special. Viola Davis, newly natural, stole the red carpet with her bronze TWA and beautiful emerald green mermaid gown! The new look really compliments her skin tone and face! Viola makes this TWA look HOTT! Remember what Viola told the little girl in the "Help"..." You is smart. You is kind. You is important."She has come a long way from Aibileen Clark! Congratulations on your Oscar nomination Viola! You is important GIRL!

Friday, February 24, 2012

We want to hear from you with your natural hair!

Today is all about YOU! Our loyal subscribers. We want to hear your story! What is the most surprising/inspiring thing that you've learned about your natural hair or anything that you would like to share about your journey?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

4 Weird Natural Hair Care Tips that Work.....

1. Dry Hair------> Alternate between a moisturizing and clarifying shampoo. This allows you to remove build up while restoring hydration. Products that contain nut oil, sheer butter and other natural oils are the keys to moisturized locks and sealed cuticles. 

2. Split Ends Repair-----> Natural oils, soy protein, gelatin, keratin and wheat will solve this problem. Quick split end repair: massage a warm treatment of gelatin on to your locks and leave in for 30 minutes. Rinse off the gelatin with tepid water. 

3. Dandruff Repair-----> Crush ibuprofen pills and add to your shampoo ( I know it sounds weird but it works.) The pills work as an exfoliant to clear away flakes on your scalp. 

4. Oily Hair Repair----> If you have oily hair then dry shampoo is recommended. A weird remedy that works for oily hair is to sprinkle a tiny amount of flour along the hair line and roots. Leave the product on for 10 seconds and use a make up brush to remove any residue.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Mad Hair Monday Model: Thandie Newton

Happy Monday Kurlees! I  actually didn't know that Thandie Newton was natural. She usually wears her straight. Just a few weeks ago I stumbled upon these photos of Thandie stunting her lustrous curls! Enjoy! 

Friday, February 17, 2012

History of Black Hair: Misconceptions, Styles & Myths

Since it is Black History month and all, I thought it would be worth exploring the history of black hair. Including misconceptions, styles, and myths that have been passed on from generation to generation in the black community.

Hot combs or straightening combs---the process by which hair is temporarily straightened with the use of a metal hot comb. The hot comb was invented in France and used by women with ultra curly hair to obtain straight locks. In the 1900's, Madame C.J. Walker altered the hot comb by widening the teeth. Today the hot comb has been revolutionized into the flat iron.

Greasing the scalp---if you're black I'm sure you grew up with several jars of grease in your home. As black people we love us some grease ha. I remember slabbing on tons of blue grease to give my hair that added shine and asking my mom to grease my scalp. Greasing the scalp is one of the biggest misconceptions in the black community because many believe that greasing the scalp helps the hair grow or reduces dandruff.

Jheri Curls-----I am LMBO thinking about the Jheri Curl couple in 'Coming to America'. This was a classic look in the black community during the 1970's and 1980's. Invented by Jheri Redding, the hairstyle gave the wearer a glossy, loosely curled look (Wash-n-go's can be seen as the modern day jheri curls).

Mirco Braids & Box Braids---When I think of Mirco Braids I think of old school Brandy....Box Braids 'Poetic Justice' Janet Jackson. Both hairstyles can last for months and include braiding hair extensions to separated sections of the hair. Micro braids and box braids are responsible for imitation alopecia in many black women today. This style was very popular in the 90's. 

Conrows---- I would like to nominate Snoop dogg as the King of Cornrows. He is the only thug I know that can pull this look off without questioning his masculinity. Cornrows is another african american hairstyle that was popular in the 90's among Rappers, Hip Hop and R&B singers.

Hi -Top Fade-----Two words "House Party"! Kid had a serious hi-top fade in the movie House Party but for real tho...that fade did not do anything for him. The hi-top fade was popular during the late 80's and early 90's and symbolizes the golden era of Hip Hop. 

Relaxers--the first relaxer was created in 1877 by Garret A. Morgan....and the rest is history. Relaxers permanently change the structure of curly, kinky hair to straight hair. Today relaxers are referred to in the natural hair community as 'creamy crack'.

Natural Hair-----Mid to late 2000's is when the explosion happened. A lot of black women had worn their hair natural but not in the increasing numbers that we are seeing today. Sales of relaxer kits declined by 36% last year, further validating the increasing trend of black women going natural. I believe that this is not a trend at all but is here to stay. As we become more health conscious and environmentally friendly more and more women will refrain from using harsh chemicals. 

Last but not least, is the infamous Little girl 1,001 Barrettes, we all have a picture in our Easter or Christmas dress smiling with a thousand little colored barrettes in our hair. I pledge that whenever I have a little girl I will not overload her hair with barrettes.....

I hope you enjoyed the post!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Trimming your Natural Hair: Straight vs. Curly, Coily, Kinky

Long healthy hair is a measure of its care. Natural hair requires maintenance including daily moisturizing, weekly shampooing, monthly deep conditioning, of the misconceptions about 'going natural' is that you no longer have to trim your ends. Frequent styling often results in damage to the hair shaft so to prevent that damage from spreading. It is imperative that you trim your hair regularly. There is no rhyme or reason as to how often you should get a trim but to be on the safe side, every 6 to 8 weeks.

The dilemma that some naturals face is the technique that is used to trim natural hair. Remember the days of straight hair when it was easy to get a trim because your hair was perfectly lined up and you could easily spot the jagged culprit? Well its not so easy with curly hair. A lot of stylists recommend that natural hair is straightened then trim------"I don't like this technique". Others recommend stretching out the hair and then trimming---this can be tricking if you're a DIY kinda girl.

First, invest in a pair of professional hair cutting scissors. Don't use the kitchen scissors or the one you had from college. Sally's, ULTA or even Tar-jay should have a pair of these scissors in stock.

Guide to trimming your natural tresses: 

  • After shampoo and condition
  • Section the hair into 15-20 sections
  • Twist your hair into small sized twist all over
  • Let hair air dry
  • Before trimming hold section between thumb and your index and middle fingers so that the bottom of your fingers targets where you want to cut. 
  • Stretch out twist in one hand and hold scissors at a slight angle in other hand
  • Snip the end of the twist unit with the tip of the blades getting rid of frays and knots

*Please use a mirror for areas that are visible*

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Signature Curly Fro

"Going natural isn't for everyone" is a common excuse/saying that I hear all too often. I get the random stares during conversation when the person that's talking to me eyes start to drift upward until it lands on my hair...and I think to myself is there something in my hair. Then I remember that some of our own who rock perms and weaves aren't all to used to seeing my natural it only leads me to wonder 'What is she really thinking about my hair.' But on the other hand, I really don't give a 50 cents. Being an obsessive compulsive, I like for every curl to be perfectly defined therefore it is a must that I style my hair every night (bad I know but this is an addiction that I am working on..don't judge me :)). Sometimes my curly fro doesn't come out the way I would like because it has a mind of its own. On these days, I feel like my entire aura is off but nonetheless, I try my best to keep my ish tight. 

Anyone who has been fully natural for about 3 months or so understands that finding a style that you are comfortable with is more like a marathon than a sprint. On my journey, I became very fond of flexi rods (my friend refers to them as worms) and 4 years later I am still addicted. Flexi rods tend to add length to my hair and give me the big jumbo curly look that I desire. I have experimented with two strand twists, braid outs, wash n go's but nothing says curly girl swag like the use of good old flexi rods. 

How I create my signature curly fro:

  • Separate hair in 10 -15 sections
  • Spray hair lightly with water
  • Apply moisturizer (then oil as a sealant)
  • Two strand twist section (Leave about an inch out at the end to secure around flexi rod)
  • Wrap section around flexi rods away from the face (the key to this technique is to ensure that the ends lay flat around the flexi rods for perfectly curled ends)
  • Let air dry or sit under hooded dryer
  • After hair is dry--separate section being careful not to disturb original twist pattern because this will create frizz. 
  • I use a non slip elastic band around my hair line to give my curly afro shape
  • Style and go

What is your signature styling technique that let's the world know that your bringing sexy back?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Life was like a box of chocolates.....

In Tom Hanks' academy award winning portrayal of Forest Gump he said the words "Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get." I can remember that movie like I watched it yesterday. "Run Forest Run!" and he went on to run all around the USA. Some movies are definitely an inspiration to us all.

The best thing about Valentine's Day for me is the day after Valentine's Day when all the delicious chocolates go on sale. I'm talking about Lindt, Godiva, Ghirardelli, & Forrare Roche the good and expensive kind. We have our advocates of Valentine's Day (women) and our non advocates of Valentine's Day (cheap men) but all that really matters to me is the chocolate.

I have to side with the non advocates of Valentine's Day and say that it is a highly commercialized scheme and a way for retailers to make money because when you love someone you should shower them with roses and chocolates more than once a year. Anyway this post is for all the women out there who don't have a Valentine's and maybe feeling sad and lonely. Just know that your prince charming may not be here today but keep hoping that he is on his way. In Genesis 29: 20 NIV, it says that " So Jacob served seven years to get Rachel, but they seemed like only a few days to him because of his love for her."

And now I pray " Lord, please send me my Jacob." Now that's true love. Even though you may not have a boo to spend Valentine's with or send you flowers ask the Lord to send you your Jacob. A man that would love you unconditionally. You know the saying "Everything that glitters ain't gold?" Well its true, don't be fooled by the Facebook posts of your friends taking mobile pics of their flowers and chocolate. It may seem like everything is wonderful and great in their relationship but when they've signed off of Facebook the masks come off. Don't let me start on all the recent engagements that maybe sleeping in separate beds 12 months after they walk down the aisle. I'm not trying to be a pessimist just think that I need to un-fog some rose colored glasses out there. Because too many women get consumed and sometimes I too (guilty) with relationships as seen on social media (Darren and Jess are now in a relationship, Tom and Samantha just got engaged). Ok that's all fine and great but sometimes Darren is really into John and not Jess.....and Tom felt obligated after 7 years to get engaged to Samantha...just saying you can't believe everything you see. But of course the romantic in me still believes in happy endings.

Pray that the Lord will send you your Jacob and not Fake-cob....because he will be the one worth waiting for. And for those lucky girls who've found their Jacob's, I hope you enjoy this day and all days with your lover to the fullest. <3

Happy Valentine's Day Ya'll!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Mad Hair Monday Model: Wakeema Hollis

Happy Monday Kurlees! I know there is nothing happy about Monday...In fact if Monday was a person I would slap her. I'm dead serious....tho.. my favorite days of the week are Payday and Holiday.  In honor of  Black History Month, we will be featuring natural hair models that walk the runway. Today's featured model is Wakeema Hollis, who goes by the model name Hollis---because in her opinion its easier than saying Wakeema. She was born in 1984 (Yay for all the 1984 babies- YOU ROCK!) in Memphis, TN. Her most striking features are her beautiful Mocha skin, graceful long neck & legs and fierce natural hair. Hollis is not afraid to flaunt her bomb afro. Occasionally, you'll see her on the runway with long natural hair extensions but her signature look is her untamed TWA. No matter what she wears, she makes it look darn good! Do the damn thing girl!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: Whitney Houston dies at 48.

What shocking news! USA Today confirms that the legendary Whitney Houston died today. It is sad and my condolences to her family. May she RIP. 

Friday, February 10, 2012

Beyonce & Jay-Z share photos of Baby Blue Ivy

Friday just got better. Beyonce and Jay-Z released photos of their bundle of joy view Tumblr. Who does she look like in your opinion? She is the cutest little thing.

Rosemary Oil: Hair growth in a bottle.....

I have this girlfriend who is obsessed with her hair and all things natural. Which is actually pretty funny because she isn't natural at all. Well every time I talk to her she is either washing her hair, treating her hair, drying her hair, thinking about her hair or talking about her hair....real talk---and her hair is beautiful. So during one of our predictable phone conversations where there are several moments of silence because she is watching "Project Runway" and I'm reading some random business school article she slips in her recent knowledge about rosemary oil.

Our conversation:

Friend: "Girl I have to go to the health food store because I've been researching hair growth oils and rosemary oil seems to be the best."

Me: "Oh really tell me more..... (I am now googling 'rosemary oil' benefits)".....

>>>>>Long pause--because my girlfriend is watching tv...and I'm trying to read the last sentence of an article online<<<<<<<

Friend: "Yea, rosemary oil has all types of benefits. It stimulates hair growth, has a refreshing scent and is good for the senses. I'm thinking about doing a deep treatment and including it in my regimen this weekend."

Me: "Oh wow! Sounds good to me. You know I love to try need things...let me know how it works."

Turns out my friend was on to something and rosemary oil does have a ton of benefits. Here is what I found from my research:

  • Stimulate hair growth
  • Increases thickness of hair
  • Reduce dandruff
  • Boost mental activity
  • Relieve respiratory problems 
  • Reduce pain

How you can use rosemary oil to improve your hair health and growth.

Regular use of rosemary oil helps with stimulating follicles as a result hair grows longer and stronger. It is believed that rosemary oil slows down premature hair loss and graying. It helps reduce dandruff of dry and flaky scalp by regularly massaging the scalp with the oil. It can also be mixed with almond oil, jojoba oil, tea tree oil and basil oil for a great scalp treatment.

The Hair Growth Potion

In a glass jar add a cup of rosemary leaves (bruise leaves with a pin or needle) and cover with almond oil, jojoba oil or tea tree oil. Add a few basil leaves as a further hair growth stimulant.

Shake mixture.

Put the jar in a sunny spot and give a shake every day for a week.

Strain the leaves out of liquid/oil mixture.

Apply to dry hair from root to tip. Massage into scalp.

Apply shower cap.

Sit under dryer for 30 mins. Your hair should be gloriously conditioned and fragrant.

Rinse with shampoo. Treat your hair as often as you like.

If you don't have the patience to make your own rosemary oil feel free to purchase.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine's Day Hair Inspiration!

The 14th of February can be sweet or sour. It's the time of year when you are so excited that you have someone to share your love with or dread because that special someone turned out to be less than special. Whatever your situation, your hair still has to be fly. Here are a few sweet style ideas for Valentine's Day. 

Monday, February 6, 2012

Mad Hair Monday Model: Marie Milfort

Hello Kurlees! It's Mad Hair Monday and a start to a fabulous week. This week's model is Marie Milfort. She has been natural for 10 years and is a contestant on Miss Nappturality 2012:

Marie says:

"I've kept my hair moisturized with glycerin spray, and doublebutter cream from As I Am.  My hair is usually in twists.  I would encourage anyone considering going natural to do it.  I have 4c hair and I think it looks fabulous."

Send your photos to if your interested in being our Mad Hair Monday model!

Friday, February 3, 2012

The skinny on maintaining a healthy scalp: 5 easy tips

#1 Cleansing- Wash hair on a regular basis. Alternate between clarifying and moisturizing shampoos. Natural hair tends to be dryer than straight hair so using one type of shampoo maybe drying or over moisturizing. To keep a balance alternate as often as possible. 

Clarifying shampoos gives your hair a fresh start by removing deposits (hard water, cremes, hairspray, gels, chlorine, etc) and restoring shine. 

Moisturizing shampoos gently cleanse the hair while replenishing hydration.  

#2 Conditioning- After your wash, avoid applying conditioners and cremes to your scalp. Conditioners/cremes are only made for the hair shaft and can clog the hair follicles which results in stunted growth. 

#3 Nutrition- What you put in your body is just as important as what you put on it.  Anti-oxidant rich foods like fresh fruit and green vegetables help to keep your body and scalp healthy. Products such as fish, nuts, , milk, peas and beans promote hair growth. 

#4 Massage- One of my favorite things to do. Massaging the scalp with your finger tips stimulates blood flow, nourishes your hair and relaxes your muscles. 

#5 Avoid Heat- The same way sunlight can burn your skin so can excessive heat from hair dryers. Hold blow dryers a good distance away from hair/scalp. If you experience any discomfort from drying your hair then the dryer is too close to your hair/scalp. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What's more important? What's IN our Head or On our Head?

If something is bad for a sewage system you have to think of what it is doing to the rest of your body~ Comment about relaxer from "In Our Heads About Hair"~ No wonder sales of relaxer kits declined by 36% last year. 

I am really excited to see the premiere of "In Our Heads About Hair". A lot of people may think that we are obsessed about our hair and can't get enough of talking about it, reading about it or listening to videos about it but honestly hair is a women's glory. We see the obsession with hair in all cultures and somewhat trace it to the fact that hair is a major feature that makes a woman more appealing. White culture- Golden Blonde hair is sought after because everyone knows that blondes have more fun (just kidding- had to throw that cliche in there). Indian culture many sacrifice the hair as an offering to God because of its sacredness---which is then used in black/western culture to make black women look more culturally acceptable. In Asian culture the straighter the better. 

The issue of hair in african american and black culture is very complex. Why? Because unlike other races, we have been wearing our hair in a way that is unnatural to us. I frequent Yahoo! Answers, and a user posted " What is all this talk about going natural? What are they doing? Not combing their hair or using any chemicals?" The thought of "going natural" was foreign to this individual because they'd never heard of such a thing where hair wasn't worn in its natural state.  

For years the beauty industry has defined what being a beautiful woman is and every aspect seemed to be the opposite of black women. Skinny, white skin, and straight hair which is everything that the average black woman is not. I am very proud of productions like "Good Hair", "Dark Girls" and "In Our Heads About Hair" because it sheds light on who we are and our beauty. Being a dark skin girl, with a little junk in the trunk and less than straight hair my reflection is anything but the status quo. Am I not  beautiful because I don't look like Angelina Jolie or Audrey Hepburn? Many in Hollywood and in the land of everything superficial may tend to agree…a women is truly beautiful when she is confident enough to show the world her unadulterated self. 

"In Our Heads About Hair" premieres February 20th, 2012 at the BAMcinematel New Voices in Black Cinema film festival in Brooklyn, New York. 

At the end of the day, what should really matter is what is IN our head rather than ON our head. 
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