Wednesday, June 27, 2012

EXCLUSIVE: Celebrity & Fashion Blogger Sherice of SheSoMajor

Tell us a little bit about yourself. What do you do and why you started blogging?

I am a semi-retired model, a journalist, a blogger, social media expert and a citizen of the world!  I make my voice count! I'm a full-time blogger, I've been in the 'industry' for three years now and I love it. I started blogging during a break from university. I was in New York City, and I just woke up and decided - 'I'm going to start a blog'. I didn't have a summer job at the time and thought it would be a great way to channel my creativity and have some fun!  I never thought it would've grown into the community that it has but is definitely an entertainment hotspot! 

How long have you been natural? If all of your life, what kept you from relaxing your hair?

I've been natural my entire life! I'm a very low maintenance person [well kinda lol] and the fact that I can hop in a shower and slap my hair in one is one of the biggest reasons for not relaxing my hair. It's very easy for me to maintain, it's inexpensive, and I was made for curls!  For me, being an island girl, relaxing my hair was NOT even an option. How am I going to enjoy the beautiful beaches if I'm worried about getting my hair wet?! 

Do you have a hair care regimen? If so, what is it and what products do you use?

I honestly don't have a hair care regimen. I wash with Dove shampoo and conditioner, towel dry and go! I switch products so often that it's soooo many! I feel like after using products for a certain amount of time my hair gets so accustomed to it that it doesn't 'work' anymore. As of late I've been loving the Dove shampoo & conditioner. I would use Mizani coconut soufflĂ© to moisturize, and I throw in Infusium leave-in-conditioner when my hair gets a bit tangled.  

What is your favorite low maintenance natural hair style. 

 When I'm really feeling good, I'd finger twist my hair. I wash and condition, spritz a little Infusium, then I would apply just a little Mizani coconut soufle and IC gel [to maintain frizz], part my hair into sections then twirl my hair around my fingers and that's it for the week! I don't have to touch it for about a week so it's soooo convienient.  Other times, when I'm not feeling so great, I would simply wash, towel dry and a high bun. It's my go to style! It's sophisticated, chic and makes me feel forever young!

What makes you love your hair?

My hair is an extension of my personality! It can't be tamed. It's big, it's bold and it's MAJAH! It's just who I am, which is probably why I love it so so much!  

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