Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Natural Hair | Scarves Are All The Rage

When the weather gets a little cooler, the scarves come out. Scarves are all the rage this Fall from solid vibrant colors, animals prints to florals. Scarves are a naturalista's perfect accessory, because they can be used for warmth around the neck or head. 

If you are a scarf connoisseur, we want to see your best looks. Send your scarf pics to info@kurleebelle.com to be included in our Fall fashion looks.  

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Natural Hair | We Don't Like To Brag But.... Our Products Are Pretty AMAZING!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Natural Hair | How To: Wild Curly Fro

Have Fun with Your Hair! 

A great leave-in conditioner, is the key to a soft, bouncy curly fro. 

-On freshly shampooed hair, apply a lightweight leave-in conditioner like Thirsty Kurls Leave-in Conditioner that detangles, moisturizes and does not weigh hair down.  

-After hair is detangled, separate into small to medium size twists. For added definition, feel free to use a styling product (Kurl Defining Creme) in particular a creme to add lasting definition to the twists. 

-After all sections are neatly twisted, apply flexi rods. Your hair's length will determine the size of the flexi rods you use. The smaller the rods, the smaller the curl, vice versa. For large curls, use jumbo flexi rods.

(Twisting Tip: For best results, twists all sections of hair in the same direction or the direction of your curl pattern. When I twist my hair, I twist all sections away from my forehead. Twisting all sections in one direction will give your curls a unified look.) 

Flexi Rods
-Apply flexi rods to individual twists. When rolling the twist onto the flexi rod, roll in the direction that the hair is twisted. If you twisted all hair moving away from the forehead then you should apply your flexi rods moving away from the forehead. This step is very important as it will not disturb the curl pattern but will enhance your look. 

TIP: When rolling twists onto the flexi rod, you will start with the ends first. Try to get the twist to lay as flat as possible on the flexi rod, especially the ends of the twist. Wrap the ends of the twist around at least twice to make sure the twist is secured onto the flexi rod (the ends are the most critical part of this style as this is where definition will be most apparent, so you want to make sure the ends lie flat and tucked for the perfect curl). Once the ends are tucked flat around the flexi rod, begin to move up the twist to the root, placing the twists in a circular motion around the rod. Once at the root, bend the flexi rod in place, wherever it feels comfortable. Repeat until all twists are attached to flexi rods. Using the flexi rod with twists will stretch out the hair, for an elongated look. 

-Sit under hooded dryer or let hair air dry. Once hair is completely dry, use a light oil like Kurlee Tropical Oils Blend, to unravel the hair off of the flexi rod. Rub oil onto hands and take down rods then unravel twists. Using the oil, will reduce frizz and add shine. For a fuller or wilder fro, separate twist again after unraveling the first two strands. 

TIP: To create a fuller fro, use an afro pick at the root of the hair, coming up about two inches up. The afro pick will ruffle the hair so that any parts or sectioning is not visible. You can also use your fingers to rub along the scalp to close in any areas where parts or sectioning is visible.

This look is perfect for medium to long length hair. To prolong the life of your curly fro, you can re-twist at night and sleep with a satin bonnet. 

Have You Tried This Look? Any Tips? 
Do you have a look you want to try but don't know "How To" achieve? Send a photo to info@kurleebelle.com--> Subject: How To. 

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

A Natural Hair Dream

We have a dream, that one day, the world will look back and say " I cannot believe that people were discriminated against because of the color of their skin or texture of their hair."

Kurlee Belle's CEO Terrinique Pennerman, commented on Uptown Magazine's article, A Kink in the Plan: Why We Hate Our Hair. Written by, Sorilbran Stone, the article described many obstacles that are faced by people with natural hair. 

Here is a snapshot of the article: 

This is what Terrinique had to say: 

What are your thoughts? 
Do you think we as black people focus too much on the negative? Do you think the world will ever change their thoughts on our hair? 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

MAJOR FEATURE: Kurlee Belle one of 9 Incredible Black-Owned Natural Hair Businesses to Support

Kurlee Belle is featured on Black Girl Long Hair and The Mane Objective Blog in 9 More Incredible Black-Owned Natural Hair Businesses to Support. We are humbled to be included on the short list of Black-Owned successful businesses. Thank you Christina of The Mane Objective for including Kurlee Belle in your feature.

To read the article, please click on the following links:

KurleeTalks: What's The Craziest Color You've Ever Dyed Your Hair?

Today's KurleeTalks is all about COLOR! 

We often use color to spice up our look, but what happens when color goes wrong? Tell us your CRAZIEST color stories! Tag us in your color photos by using #kurleetalks! 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Rihanna's New Mullet....What Do We Think?

Fashion Forward Rihanna aka BadGalRiRi (on Instagram) is definitely a trendsetter. From her oval shaped nails, fashion sense, make up and hair. RiRi's fans can't seem to get enough of her sense of style. During New York's Fashion Week, Rihanna was spotted rocking a Mullet that took us back to the 80's. 

What are your thoughts on RiRi's new hair? 
Fashion Forward? 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Which Natural Hairstyle Makes You Feel Most Confident?

Which Natural Hairstyle Makes You Feel Most Confident?

Wash-N-Go, High Bun, Bantu Knots, Twist Out, etc

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Natural Hair | Blue Ivy's Hair: Do You Care?

Beyonce and Jay Z have been jetting around since the end of the Mrs. Carter World Tour and Made in America. Their little bundle of joy, Blue Ivy, has been the center of attention and the paparazzi. From her funny facial expressions, Baby North and Blue's meme's to the most recent social media topic---Blue's Hair. 

Beyonce recently showed off a short pixie cut and it seemed to be all the rage on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Since then, Mrs. Carter has went back to weave heaven, flaunting a longer assymetrical bob. The attention however has shifted from Mama Bey's hair to little baby Blue. The adorable one year old has a tightly curled afro and not a care in the world but many are outraged about it's maintenance. 

The question remains....

Do We Really Care About Blue Ivy's Hair? 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Natural Hair | Abercrombie & Fitch New Hairstyle Policy

Abercrombie & Fitch, teen fashion retailer, has been known to be a little bias when it comes to their models and employees. Recently, the retailer released their "Look Policy Guidelines" for store employees. Say what you want about A&F, but at least they think that an afro is acceptable for work i.e. only without extreme coloring or highlights (Well at least that is what the 3rd pic from the left (top) and last pic (bottom) looks like). Nonetheless, thank you Abercrombie & Fitch for deeming our natural hair 'acceptable'. 

Here is what A&F had to say about the new hairstyle policy, "We realize that the manner in which you style your hair is highly personal and subject to your own tastes and preferences,”...“While we respect your individuality, it is important that we maintain a consistent level of dress and grooming that represents what people expect from the Abercrombie & Fitch brand.”

A&F HairStyle Sketch Book

Photo Source: BuzzFeed

What Do You Think About A&F's New Hairstyle Policy?

Monday, September 2, 2013

Sheryl Underwood Does Not Like Natural Hair

Kurlees, do you watch The Talk? After this story, I am guessing that many of you will boycott the show. In an encore presentation of The Talk on August 30, a CBS talk show, host Sheryl Underwood, had a few choice words about natural hair.

During a discussion on the show, it was noted that supermodel Heidi Klum, saved her biracial child's  hair after a haircut. The child that Heidi Klum had with ex-husband Seal, had a huge afro before the hair cut. Sheryl disgusted by this revelation, went on to say, "Why would you save Afro hair?"to add insult to injury, she proceeded with no one goes to a hair shop to ask for that "curly, nappy, beaded" hair.

Co-host of the Talk, Sarah Gilbert, added to the discussion that she too saved her children's hair which Underwood responded to with "probably some beautiful, long, silky stuff" implying that Gilbert's child's hair texture is better than that of an afro hair texture.

Well coming home....I almost hit the floor.... 

I understand that Underwood is a comedian and sometimes makes remarks for amusement. Whether the statements were for a few laughs here and there, I do not know. What I do not agree with is her comparison of hair textures and that one texture is better than the other. Not to mention that she is degrading the very texture that she was blessed with. That's like a dark skin woman saying, I hate my skin because lighter skin woman are so much more attractive. Oh wait! Many of us still think this way, that we resort to skin lightening treatments. In a perfect world, there would be no standards of what is considered beautiful but for now we can all agree on one thing:

When it comes to natural hair, Sheryl Underwood needs to put a lid on it. #ifyoudonthaveanythingnicetosaydontsayitatall

View Video Below:

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