Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Kurlee Belle Kurlee Textures Guide Book

A few months ago, #TeamKurleeBelle sat down for a brainstorming session on finding ways to help Kurlee Hair women care for their hair. We understand that naturally curly hair requires lots of TLC and sometimes the process can be frustrating. We decided to create a guidebook that would make the Kurlee Girl’s life a little easier— a guidebook that would take away the guessing when it came to natural hair products and hair care regimens. A guidebook that was straight forward in addressing her (the Kurlee Girl’s) hair issues. Kurlee Textures Guide offers guidance for Wavy Hair, Curly Hair, Kinky Curly Hair and Kinky Coily Hair types and addresses “What the Hair Looks Like”, “What It Needs”, “Suggested Products” and “Style Options”. In the process, we had the opportunity to work with some AMAZING Kurlee Hair beauties (like our cover model @simplybiancaalexa ) and the talented @thatArtista on the lovely illustrations and design of the guidebook. The guidebook was made to make the Kurlee Girl’s life a little easier! Enjoy! 

Love, KurleeBelle

Cover Model: @simplybiancaalexa

Founder & CEO: @terrinique

Wavy Hair Inspired by: @style_dose

Curly Hair Inspired by: @sensualsierra

Kinky Curly Hair Inspired by: @heygorjess

Kinky Coily Hair Inspired by: @askProy

Illustration and design by: @thatArtista

For More about Kurlee Belle visit www.kurleebelle.com 

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