Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hair Chalking: Will you try it?

There is a popular trend brewing in Hollywood right now....and it is called Hair Chalking. Tie-dye your tresses, change up the color each day or sport colorful streaks to match your outfit. Don't worry, the color is not permanent and rinses out when you shampoo. Visit your local art store to buy some soft chalk pastels and show your artistic side. WE DOUBLE DARE YOU

What do you think of the new trend? Would you try it. 


  1. I'm thinking this is a fun way to express your personality with your hair. I will take your dare & make my way to my local art store

  2. It's look very cool and fun but i will not try it; Because i don't use shampoo in my hair and chemical colours too; but i really like the results in the picture;

  3. So gonna try it! Love the colour!

  4. Yay! I am excited that a few of you will be trying the new trend. Please keep me posted.


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