Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year From Terrinique & The Kurlee Belle Team

Monday, December 30, 2013

askpRoy Tutorial: Holiday Hairstyle? Twist and Curl on Dry, Stretched Hair (Video and Written Tutorial)


Classically named and rightfully so.  These curls are so easy to achieve and are the base of this popular style that I refreshed, rocked, and recorded.

If you need a holiday style or are just too lazy to wash and set your hair, this is easy enough to do and the results are stunning.  Check out product details, tutorials and more pics below!

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What You'll Need:
Perm Rods

For my moisturizer and gel I used Kurlee Belle products that I received two weeks ago.  I'll do a formal review on them soon!  I am also using Nature's Shine Oil Blend by Organics Roots Stimulator that I received in a curlBOX ions ago.  You can use whatever products that work best for your hair to achieve this style.

I also used two sizes of perm rods for inconsistency in curl size (makes everything look more natural that way).

Your hair doesn't have to be washed... and really it doesn't need to be stretched, either.  This style can be achieved on both wet and dry hair.  For me, I like to do this style on dry, stretched hair.  Have your way!

  1. Divide hair into two sections by creating a horizontal part from ear to ear.  You should have a top and bottom part.
  2. Clip away top portion of hair.
  3. Spritz water on the bottom section of hair
  4. Starting from the nape, section off hair for twisting by grabbing a medium/large section of hair.
  5. Using a little of your moisturizer, work it in from end to root, focusing on the ends of your hair.
  6. Add a smidgen of gel to the ends of your hair (a little goes a long way).
  7. Detangle with your comb to make sure hair is smooth for twisting.
  8. Two strand twist hair in downward motion about 2/3 of the way.
  9. Smooth the rest of the hair around a perm rod and roll hair until you reach the twisted hair.
  10. Secure perm rod and repeat process until the your whole head is twisted.
  11. Spritz hair with oil (optional) to seal in the moisture.
  12. Let dry at least 3 hours (air dry) or you can use a hooded dryer OR sleep on the style.
To take down the style (according to pictorial pictured below):
  1. Remove all perm rods.
  2. Separate all twists.  You can spritz your hands with a little oil to keep the frizzes at bay.
  3. Separate the hair according to your liking.
  4. Fluff hair with hands or pick (your choice - optional)

I ended up with 20 twists, so I needed 20 rollers.

Need more guidance and a little laugh? Check out the video below:

Remember: Twist your hair in the front forward so that it can set forward.  
You want it to frame your face like this:

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