Monday, November 19, 2012

Braided Updo: Protective Style

Today, marks the beginning of The Good Hair Blog Protective Style Challenge. TGHBPSC is all about protecting and growing HEALTHY HAIR. I usually wear my hair in mini twists but because I have fine hair, twists only last a week. I wanted to find a style that was low maintenance, cute and conservative so I opted for a braided updo. The back of my hair is braided in a swoop direction from right to left and the middle are two strand twists that are pinned down. Although this is a protective style, I can loosen the two strand twists for a wilder style as the style gets older. To keep my hair fresh and moisturized, I will spray it lightly with a concoction I made....and I mean spray lightly (one or two pumps and that is it!). My concoction consists of a half cup of conditioner, a tablespoon of olive oil and majority water. At night, I tie a silk scarf around my head to protect the braids in the back (the bow of the scarf is in the front near forehead.) I then place my satin bonnet on to make sure that my entire head is protected. I plan to keep this style in for two to three weeks. 

For more photos follow me on IG: @terrinique 

Do you like my new look? What is your go to protective style and tips?


  1. I prefer either small braids or small twists as a protective style at the moment because my hair is still pretty short (5 to 6 inches) and any type of cornrowed style tends to pull and hurt my scalp.

    1. Thanks for your comment Michelle! I usually wear mini twists too. My twists don't stay in long because I have fine hair. This braided style doesn't hurt like I thought it would so I'm going to keep it in for awhile.

  2. I have simple and quick style today for the challenge. Twisted bang in the front and two large cornrows in the back. I love your hair style!

  3. I love this style! I'm going to roll tuck and pin for the first couple of days then I think I'll try to do a set of mini twists. If they come out alright, I'll send a pic.


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