Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Bag Lady

At work, they call me the bag lady because I have too much stuff. The sad part is I truly need all of my crap to get through the day.

A typical bag day:

  • Lunch bag usually a grocery store plastic bag (I know it's ghetto)- contains my breakfast usually a banana and apple with a Tazo Tea bag. Lunch- leftovers from the night before. 
  • Handbag- all personal items including wallet, cell phone, lip gloss, vitamins, mirror, receipts, pens and whatever else I feel is necessary to carry around all day. 
  • Computer bag- Macbook Pro, portable keyboard, work journal, note pad and assorted pens.
  • Victoria Secret gym bag- sports bra, t-shirt, work out pants and sneakers. 
All of the above items are necessary on a daily basis but I need to cut off some of the baggage because my back is starting to hurt. I have been shopping around for the perfect bag that would allow me to consolidate some of my items. Since it does not make sense to consolidate my lunch bag or gym bag, I am looking for the perfect handbag that can hold my laptop and personal items.

I am down to these two fabulous picks. Tell me which one you prefer! I need your HELP! 


  1. I love the Michael Kors bag, especially the color. I found a great bag at Target that fit all those things into one bag and wasn't too bulky. Now I need to replace it and can't find a bag that is light weight alone before I pack everything in. I carry 2 bags since I started dressing for the gym before I leave work. So you're not the only bag lady you have much company :)

    1. Thank you for your comment Vanessa! I am happy that I am not alone. I like the Michael Kors bag a little more too. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Michelle! The Michael Kors bag has the most votes so far. :)


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