Friday, March 30, 2012

How has being natural changed your style?

Do you have a favorite outfit? No matter how you're feeling, when you wear it, heads turn? How has being natural influenced your clothing choices? Do you still look great in all past outfits? Or do you have to style your hair in a certain way to pull off your new look.

I'm a big fan of party dresses....I remember when I got my first job out of college, I would buy one dress a week out of Bebe! Yes silly decision, now Bebe has all of my money and I have a closet full of dresses...unlike Carrie Bradshaw who likes her money where she can see it .i.e. is in her closet. I like my money where it is bearing interest i.e. my bank account.

Have you ever heard the saying "Hair completes an outfit?" You could have on the flyest dress but if your hair isn't right the entire look is off. Since I've been natural, I've had to change my hair style depending on the outfit. When I had straight hair, my wrap seemed to go with every look from beach bum to party chic.

Here's how I adjust my natural hair to fit my outfit:

Cocktail dress: Curly Updo works like a charm
Work: Flexi rod curls for an elongated look
Beach Bum: Curly and wild afro
Gym Flow: Afro + Non slip head bands

How do you change your hair to fit your outfit?

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