Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Does hair really grow faster when protected?

Actually hair doesn't grow faster when protected than when constantly styled. 

I have been the victim of this illusion. Kept braids or weaves in for months and magically my hair has grown tremendously. I have also said on numerous occasions "I'm going to put some weave in to let my hair grow out." 

Turns out, hair grows at the same rate it would protected or not. The reason why we seem to retain more length when keeping a weave in for three months or more is because our hair is not being constantly manipulated. When hair is exposed and styled it is more prone to breakage, dryness and environmental factors. When the hair is braided or covered it is allowed to grow without interruption. 

Tips on wearing your hair out with minimal damage: 

  1. Buy a detangling brush and use it! Denman is a great brand. 
  2. Never style dry hair. Purchase a spray bottle. Fill with H2O and spray hair while styling.
  3. Daily styling should be avoided. Try styling every two days if you must keep your hair looking fresh. 
  4. Those knots on the ends are not meant to be torn. Instead of tearing through knotty ends. Spray with water and use a little bit of a detangling condish. Clear with Denman brush. 
  5. Satin Caps….need I say no more. 

Good luck with keeping those tresses protected and retaining length.

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