Friday, March 16, 2012

Mom wasn't right about this one: Why wash n go's are ok in cold weather...

It's an old wive's tale that you can catch a cold by running around in the winter with wet hair. Research shows that being chilled or wet has no effect on whether or not people catch the common cold. ---Now you can pause from reading this post, pick up the phone, call and tell your mother she was wrong-----just kidding...but doesn't it feel good to know that "wash n go's" are perfectly fine for the winter?

Winter is almost over but I thought I should share this knowledge since like most of you I get tired of doing my hair all the time. Wash n go is the perfect low maintenance style where you don't have to spend countless minutes in the mirror twisting and tucking your hair away. 

If you still don't believe the whole thing about not catching the cold from wet hair. Here are some tips on how to let your hair air dry while reducing frizz and the limp effect. 

    • Ultra-absorbent towels remove excess moisture. Try using a Microfiber Hair Towel when drying your hair.
    • Wide tooth combs are great for minimizing breakage, detangling and releasing capsules of water trapped in hair. Try using a wide tooth comb when combing through your tresses. 
    • A light gel or mousse can help provide body and movement without weighing the hair down. A curling creme can lend structure with soft hold. Lightly apply whichever product you decide to use. Remember its easy to add product but harder to subtract. 

Elle of the Quest for the Perfect Curl rocks a killer wash n go like it's nobody's business! 

Here is a video tutorial from Elle about  how she achieves her wash n go look. 

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