Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Going Gray, Looking Great.

Gray hair is synonymous with old age. That was true like 500,000 years ago but not today. A lot of women have decided to go natural and I'm not just talking about no chemical relaxers. More women including young mothers, professionals and even runway models have put down the hair dyes and opted for an au natural look! No chemicals. No dyes. Gray hair used to be shunned with women spending hundreds of dollars at the salon to cover their "roots". 
With all the harsh chemicals in products, we see that its safer to forego any products that chemically enhance the hair as seen in " Why some dyes can land you in a coma..."

What causes gray hair?
Pigment in the hair shaft is generated from cells at the base of the root and as we get older these cells start producing less pigment until there is no pigment at all in the hair. Age plays a huge factor in graying and so does stress. Although there is little research to prove that gray hair is linked to stress just look at "Before and After" pictures of President Obama. 

I'm under 30 and my hair is turning gray?
Depending on your race your gray hair may not be considered premature. Typically white people start going gray in their mid-30's, Asians late 30's and African Americans mid-40's. 
#1 myth of gray hair: Plucking one gray hair and four grows back-----oohhh sooo false. 

Favorite premature gray crush: Anderson Cooper
The most obnoxious thing I've heard about going gray:
"Going gray is like ejaculation. You know it can happen prematurely, but when it actually does, its a total shock." (This was an article on CNN...real talk---here is the link)
Tips for going gray and looking great. 
Work with your stylist to weave in highlights to minimize the transition line between your natural hair color and former hair dye. 
Get a hair cut. Just because your natural doesn't mean you can't get a short cut that looks like a cut. 
Enjoy your life. Beauty is not determined by the color of a woman's hair. The ability to take joy in her life is what makes a woman truly beautiful. ~ Cindy Joseph, Ford Models~


  1. I'm 43 and the few gray hairs I've had for quite a few years now are getting longer. I like my gray hair and I knew I wouldn't gray fast or a lot because my mother, who is in her 70s, still isn't completely gray. I hope I feel just as positive about it as I get more of them! :-)

    1. Thanks for your comment Petula. I have several gray strands in the front of my hair about mom had a lot of gray hair at age 43 so I am sure she passed those genes on to me. I like my gray hair because it gives my hair flavor.


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