Monday, August 20, 2012

I love New York

I love New York....

Some may say that New York is too crowded, the streets are dirty and the people are not friendly. But no matter what they say it could never interfere with my love for New York. Before, I had ever visited the city, I dreamed about it's streets, the fashion, the food, and the people. I viewed New York as a place free from restrictions and filled with endless possibilities. When I had the opportunity to visit it for the first time, it far exceeded my expectations.

I have been too many cities across the globe: London, Paris, Rome, Shanghai, Dubai, New Delhi, and Amman to name a few but no place compares to New York.

Nowadays, the closest I can get to New York is an editorial in Elle Magazine or watching re-runs of Sex and The City.

As I sit back and dream about one day living in New York.... I will watch the Fall trends unfold through New York's Fashion Week.

Natural Hair Street Fashion of New York! 

I want to hear from the New Yorkers. Is it really as great as it seems?

Photo Credit: The Sartorialist

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