Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hi My Name is Terri and I am an addict!

In the above photo, I am at a club in Dubai with all of my friends. Everyone is dancing and having a great time...I am checking my phone. Really? Camera in one hand..crackberry in the other. 
I often wonder what I did before I had a cell phone or what my mom and grandmother did when they were growing up. So much of my life revolves around my handheld device. It is the first thing I reach for in the morning and the last thing I look at before I close my eyes. My friends and colleagues have pointed out on several occasions that I am obsessed with my cell phone....That is when I realized that I may be addicted to technology. At first, I thought that it was a generational thing since the people who were accusing me of my love affair were much older than me. Millennials grew up in the technology era and just think differently than non millennials was my defence. But it really limits us in our interaction with people. I recall having countless lunches and dinners with my friends where we all sat around the table having conversations with one another and constantly checking our phones. Other thoughts came to mind including, that lazy moment when I wanted something from downstairs but was too lazy to get up so I texted my friend to bring it to me. (what? don't judge me. I am sure you've done it too.)

Our phones are definitely inhabiting us from truly enjoying life and the people around us. How many times have you actually stopped to smell the roses or enjoyed a sunset without reaching in your pocket to snap an instagram photo? Are you more concerned with enjoying life or documenting it for others to see?

In a world where "sexting, and f-bomb" have been added to the dictionary it only makes me wonder what kind of vocabulary my unborn children will have and how will they be lacking in their ability to be social?

In effort to enjoy my surroundings and the people around me I have decided to do the following:

-Whenever engaging in conversation with another human being. I will put down my cell phone and give that person my undivided attention.

-While driving, I will not constantly check my phone. I will only pick up my cell phone when I have an incoming call.

-Instead of capturing every beautiful moment on Instagram, I will actually take the time to enjoy the scenery.

I read this article on TIME techland and it brought back some memories.....may do the same for you. :) Click on the photo for a better view.

Are you constantly on your phone? Are you more concerned with IG-ing a photo than actually enjoying the scenery? Is your phone interfering with your relationships?


  1. OMG yes, I have this exact same problem! My iPhone might as well be glued to my hand. For some reason I feel like I can't live without it but over these last 24hrs that I've been without it (due to a water accident), things haven't been that bad. I think taking a break is something I'm going to start incorporating into my routine more.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I am so addicted to my phone. Not using it so much is really helping me. I have also started reading more as a result. You cant imagine how much time is wasted checking our phones: Facebook, Instagram, etc.

  2. And you guys always picked and me because I was addicted to my phone!!! NOW you see how I feel!!! LOL! You're def addicted!!!


  3. this is soooo my life. if i had a dollar for every time a friend or family member said "you're always on your phone!" i would be rich. lol. whatever. now i DO make an effort to leave it in my purse if im visiting someone or off the dinner table.


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