Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Brooklyn's Finest: A Look Inside the Home of Solange Knowles

As I was flipping through the pages of the latest issue (September 2012) of Elle Magazine, I came across a pleasant surprise on page 475. Featured all the way in the back of my favorite mag, was a lovely photo of Indie singer Solange Knowles and some of her closest friends.

Elle always surprises me. 

Photo of my painted nails after reading the September issue of Elle. OPI Nail Lacquer. Color: Pink Friday!

The article reveals that Solange lives with her son Julez and music-video-director boyfriend, Alan Ferguson. The musican/dj/model lives in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn and moved  from L.A. to be closer to her big sister Beyonce who had been prodding her for six years to move to NY.

Solange leads a pretty normal life, she walks her son Juelz to school everyday, cooks and invites her sister and Baby Blue over for dinner regularly. On the flip side, she hangs with a pretty cool crowd including fashion bloggers from Refinery 29, designers, artists and musicians. 

Solange's home is just as eclectic as her wardrobe. The singer states, "I wanted to find a balance of having great colors and patterns but also a really livable, warm, serene space." and her home is just that. For entertaining, Solange's motto is "Just keep it chill." 

Take a look at Solange's home. I think it's an accurate reflection of her style. 

Photo Credit: Elle

Cute or What? 


  1. I love it! This would def be something I would do!!!! :-) Tons of colors and a absolute reflection of me. Like oh yeah this is "Melissa's House" LOL


  2. It represents who she is, everyone has there own style. Love it!!!!


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