Friday, April 13, 2012

Naturally Pretty: 6 celebs who keep it Naturally Curly & Naturally Straight

What is the definition of Natural Hair anyway? Does it only include those of us who don't do anything to alter our hair? Or does it mean not using chemicals? Or does it just mean those of us who prefer to wear our own hair instead of someone else's from India? Today we've decided to highlight the latter, those who just wear their own hair be it natural or straight!

Oprah...the queen of day time tv...well basically she is the queen of the world.

Tyra Banks....The second queen of daytime tv and everything crazy. Now a Harvard graduate.

Solange...once known as Beyonce's baby sister but I think she is making quite a name for herself. We were all shocked when Solange unveiled her BC...but now her hair has been showing up on many natural hair blog sites.

Viola Davis really took over the red carpet with her smoking HOTT TWA. Viola---You is kind. You is smart. You is important........(I had to do it!)

Corinne Bailey Rae---doesn't she look so innocent like she could not kill a fly? When I see her on the red carpet no matter how outrageous the outfit...I still have to say "Bless Her Heart". 

Erykah Badu---when I think of her I think of "soul" music. Her voice is so incredible it's even used to bring babies into the world? Don't believe me? Google it. 

Who rocks their natural tresses best? You tell us. 

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