Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cute Hat Hair!

You’ve seen hat hair before, the dreaded shape that your hair takes when you’ve just removed your hat…and you scrambled to a mirror to get a glimpse of your reflection to reshape your tresses. I'm always skeptical about wearing a hat. In the below pic, I'm wearing what i like to call a "Cowboy/Straw Hat"'s the first hat I've bought in forever. My reasoning for not expanding my hat collection was... 1) I don’t like things on my head and 2) what if my head gets hot and I have to remove the object and am left with hat hair. :) I have to admit that I had hat hair after removing my new accessory but I didn't care because I loved my new purchase so much! And will be investing in more fabulous hats..
Enjoying a sunny day at sea in my Cowboy/Straw Hat

Traditional hats are not shaped to cover our naturally curly or naturally coily afros--just try wearing a classic baseball cap on your "oh so big afro"---so what is a girl to do when the need for a hat is imminent? 
In order for us to look as equally cute in our hat choices as our straight hair counterparts, we must adjust the hair to fit. Depending on the length of your hair and texture you may want to invest in hats with shorter brims to show off your tresses which would include: fedora’s, small straw hats, and beanies. If you have a looser longer curl pattern then pretty much any size hat will do.  
Tuck and roll your hair into a beanie.....wear a twist out under a fedora.....or pin down your straw hat so it doesn't fly away.....
Looks of Hat Hair Inspiration 

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