Thursday, August 18, 2011

Skincare Line Nivea's opinion on Natural Hair: Re-civilize Yourself

Don't mess with the power of the tweet---that is my advice to Nivea after Wednesday's battle over an ad featuring a clean cut black man holding a picture of a guy with an Afro. The ad read "Re-civilize Yourself" leading viewers to believe that Nivea's opinion of an afro or natural hair is less than acceptable.

What are your thoughts on this "hot mess" of an ad? I for one think it's marketing suicide---along with other thoughts that I cannot state on this blog. First of all---Does this mean that Nivea does not have African American or Blacks on their Marketing staff? I mean someone should have told them this is a No No. Second of all-----Do they even have a marketing research team? I think someone needs to be fired if they haven't heard about the increasing number of African Americans and Blacks who are embracing their natural hair texture. This ad must have been for publicity only.

As a person with natural hair, would you buy Nivea's products?

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