Tuesday, August 2, 2011

5 celebrities we wish would join team natural

We all know the effects of a weave or color gone bad but we still love them. Remember that summer you got micros and it pulled out all your sides? Or those bleach blonde highlights that ate away at your hair? Even though weaves and color look great for the moment they definitely have a lastly effect. Many of us, have chosen to join team natural because of the damage caused by styling. Just like us, celebrities get bored with their style and need to switch it up. Which leads me to wonder what celebrities like Naomi Campbell or Beyonce would look like if they joined team natural?

Naomi Campbell

We have all seen the embarrassing photos of Naomi's thinning sides. That was definitely a weave gone bad. This picture captures the natural beauty that is hidden behind the long Indian hair that Naomi loves so much. 


Beyonce! Beyonce! I love this girl and really can't get enough of her music but I’m a bit tired of seeing the same old long blonde tresses as she pops her booty on stage. This pic of Beyonce reminds me a little of Tina Turner or Diana Ross….one of the two but I think she would be a beautiful addition to team natural. 


It is undeniable that Rihanna is the queen of hair and fashion trends. Remember the asymmetrical bob trend? Yea I know you do. I bet you even tried it. Or her jet black mohawk? When it comes to style Rihanna's got it. She appears to be over her fierce red mane as we recently saw her sport a new do. Rihanna looks fabulous in this afro/twisted wig. 

Nicki Minaj

Nicki is definitely not scaaarrreed to change up her look. From bright pink to multi colored blonde Nicki has tried it all. What I would really like to see is how she would look with her natural tresses. She is such a beautiful girl with an awesome voice. 

Jennifer Hudson

If one person in hollywood has brought sexy back its Jennifer Hudson. She looked great 40 pounds ago but she looks even better now. Looks like having a baby and a new man has been good for Jen (it usually works the opposite for most of us---referring to weight). I loved her role in "Sex and the City" and " Dream Girls", in both movies she wore a curlier mane. I think her beautiful face would definitely compliment a textured fro.  

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