Sunday, August 21, 2011


You are such a feminist is what my boyfriend said to me. I smiled and said I know. What really lit my fire was my experience in corporate america. It only took 72 years for women to gain the right to vote and be considered equal among men---Why do you think it took them so long? Because they knew what we were capable of----In corporate america, I noticed that women were discriminated against in terms of pay, promotion or the fact that they had to take off for a pregnancy. One guy even said to if you have a baby your career is over..and that's just the way the cookie crumbles. Be it black, white or yellow men sometimes look at women as weak or inferior beings. In some parts of the world women are not allowed to drive or pass citizenship on to their children. It is sad but true. 

Who I really want to speak to are young women who remain in relationships that are beneath them. 

How to tell if a guy is a jerk:
He doesn't call when he says he will. 
He doesn't do what he says he will. 
He always cancels at the last minute because something came up. 
You have never heard his phone ring because its always on silent. 
He says you're in a relationship but his Facebook says he is "single"....He says he just hasn't gotten around to changing it but he updates his status daily...

Need I say more? You get the drift. A woman's intuition is never wrong (Disclaimer: that is if you are a rational woman.) If you think he is less than faithful he probably is.  And if you think you deserve more you definitely do. 

Statistics show that women make 25% less than men for the same job and are less likely to negotiate salary. I know it's a Boy's Club and men tend to network more than we do. They play golf with the head of the department and go out drinking until 5 am and are back to work the next day as sober as a preacher on Sunday morning. Yes, genetically we are built differently but I like to think we are built better. Could you imagine how lonely and confused Adam would have been if Eve wasn't created? Thank goodness Eve gave him the apple because if he were left alone with the serpent who knows what would have happened to mankind (this is just a joke). You know you are smarter than that dumb jock who just passed you over for a promotion. So why sit back and let men have all the fun and make all the money. Get in the game and know that they are your competition and you can do it better than them because you can do it in a skirt with 4 inch heels. 

Women we need to take back our power. No longer should we allow men to treat us less than our worth.  Or step on us for a promotion that we know we should have gotten. 

You are WOMAN.
Beautiful and Strong.
Strong enough to bear children and get back to business. (Beyonce)
Strong enough to raise great outstanding children on your own. 
For centuries men have raised wars over you. (Summer's Eve)
You are the center of Civilization.
You are the Most Powerful being on EARTH!
You are WOMAN. 

So when you're feeling a little down or less than who you know you are. Take a look and listen carefully to the words of Beyonce's song "Run the World (GIRLS)" and the Summer's Eve commercial "Hail to the V". 

Run the World (Girls)- Beyonce

Summer's Eve Hail to the V

This post is not about male bashing it is about uplifting women who men have put down.

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