Friday, May 25, 2012

Natural Hair Emergency Kit

There is this common misconception among the natural hair community that rainy days are a breeze or you don't really need an umbrella. Well I'm not sure if it's the entire community that thinks this way. But for a long time, I've thought this way and I was so wrong.  It has been rainy for the past two weeks and with rain comes lots of humidity. If you've been natural for an extended period time, then you know that humidity is not a natural girls friend.

A great way to fight frizz in humid weather is to make sure that your hair is hydrated. This can be achieved by drinking lots of water, using a water based moisturizer and regularly deep conditioning . Just like a sponge will expand in water, so will dry hair in humid weather.

After spending 30 minutes creating little bantu knots the night before. I woke up to a less than perfect bantu knot "poooooffed" twist out. The reasons why my hair frizzed out when I hit the streets, was because it wasn't moisturized enough and it didn't completely dry during the night.

By the end of the day, my hair was a huge poooooff ball and I literally looked like the bride of Frankenstein minus the white lighting sign. I had dinner plans with a friend later on that night and didn't have time to go home, much less do my hair. Lucky for me, I had my "Natural Hair Emergency Kit".

If you don't have an emergency kit you A) Are a celebrity that walks around with a personal stylist in her back pocket or B) Just don't give a D. Ok, I'm just kidding but every natural girl should have a Natural Hair Emergency Kit just in case.....that hairstyle you worked on all night is less than perfect by the end of the day.

Here is what I keep in my kit:

  • Bobby pins- These are a life saver. No matter how bad the curl pattern from the 4-day old twist out, bobby pins can make any style look like it's on purpose. 
  • Mini spray bottle filled with water- water is the hydrator and can be used to tame dry frizzy hair...need I say more. 
  • Non Slip Elastic Bands- These are absolutely a MUST have for me. I'm the type that likes to be in control. Always wearing a headband allows me to shape my afro and maintain control of my rebellious hair. 
  • Small jar of curl creme/gel- for the obvious purpose of moisturizing or slicking the hair. 
  • Hair Clips- to keep the hair separated while styling. 
  • Small pop up brush- for smoothing and control.
  • Hair pick- To create a symmetrical afro. 
  • Wide tooth comb- to help with detangling if need be. 
The majority of these items can be found in the 99 cents aisle at Target or Walmart. The smaller the items, the better. A plus of having a Natural Hair Emergency Kit is the fact that it can be used as a travel kit. A slightly large make up bag can be used to store all items. 

Do you own a Natural Hair Emergency Kit? Are there any items I missed?


  1. I definitely have one! I also include a satin scarf in my bag as well in case I decide to sleep over my boyfriends house!

    1. How could I forget my sating bonnet. I have a big purple one. My boyfriend at the time hated when I wore the bonnet to bed. He called me Barney every time. :)


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