Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The World Natural Hair in Atlanta, Ga: Kurlee Belle's First Big Event!

Kurlee Belle attended the World Natural Hair Show hosted by Taliah Waajid in Atlanta, Georgia on April 28th-29th, 2012. We met a lot of naturalistas, natural hair bloggers, vloggers and entrepreneurs including Karen of Karen's Body Beautiful, Naturally Kela, Char Jay, Kim from the and many more. At the event, we debuted our newest t-shirt and tank design "Kiss My Kurls" which was a hit. We also almost sold out of our original tee "Kurlee Girls Rock" and "I love My Curls". All shirts are available for purchase on the right hand side of this blog.

Special thanks to my bestie Melissa Chanel who is also a natural hair and fashion blogger!

Thank you all for your support! We had a blast and will definitely be attending the show again next year!

Entrance to Hair Show
First Day of the Hair Show

Our flyers and stationery 

One of our first purchasers 

My Bestie Melissa Chanel and I

All the way from Houston! 

Naturally Kela and I 

Landa and I 

Fly Naturalista's 

Vickie, Chan, My Godchild Mariah

Vaughn and I 

South west naturals was in the house! Love this girl !

Second day of the hair show

Taliah Waajid Stage at the show

Mizani's booth

Curl Care's Booth 

Curls Booth 

Kim of the Nappy 

Kim's daughter...too cute! 

Design Essentials Booth

As I Am Booth

Anya all the way from Toronto, Canada of

Cute outfit and color combo...I had to take a pic! 

My bestie and I 

Karen of Karen's Body Beautiful 

Graphic Design IQueDesigns and I

Exit at the hair Show


  1. Great summary... thanks for the shot out!

  2. The show looked amazing.....I'm glad ure products were a hit!!!!!
    Much love

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