Friday, May 11, 2012

Break Up Hair

What is it about break ups that makes us want to either hide from the world or reinvent ourselves?
If you have not experienced the heart wrenching feeling of being dumped or hurt then you're among the lucky few.

Some women choose to leave the continent of their ex, as if distance would mend the heart faster. Others go by the motto "The quickest way to get over a man is to get under another one" which is not a good idea. But one of the worst decisions to make after a break up is a drastic change to your appearance and that includes your hair. Many women opt for a short cut, new color or shave it all off like Britney Spears. This change is used to symbolize a new You or new direction in life.

The hardest thing about "Break Up Hair" is that you not only have to deal with the psychological consciences of your new hair do but also the pain of heart ache. If you've just experienced a break up and want to change up your look, start with your wardrobe first. A new dress that isn't flattering can be returned or gifted to a friend but that short cut or fuchsia hair takes awhile to be undone. Drastic changes should never be done after any traumatic or emotional experience. The only person that can truly go from one extreme hair do to the next is Rihanna…who since her Break Up with Chris Brown has gone from black to brown to red to blonde. Not only is this expensive but can be ultra damaging to your hair. So unless you have a personal stylist on deck...refrain from changing up your tresses until you are at an emotionally stable place in your life.

The best way to get over someone you love or loved is to do things that you love. After a break up, it is best to focus on your mental state and what truly makes you happy. Often times when women are in relationships, they spend a lot of time trying to please their mate and become completely consumed with the others needs. Revisit your hobbies, start running again, painting, swimming, salsa dancing, whatever it is that makes you feel like yourself again.

Have you made a drastic change to your hair because of a break up? What was the outcome? 

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