Wednesday, November 23, 2011

10 Steps to Being Happily Nappy

"My hair won't grow."  "It's dry and brittle." "I just don't have good hair." "I wish I had her hair."  "Natural hair isn't for everyone."-----Stop making excuses and follow these 10 steps for fabulous natural hair. 

1. Acceptance----The natural hair journey should be not be taken lightly. It's a journey to discovering your hair's true potential and how it was made to look. The greatest misconception of ladies that undertake this journey is the fact that they think their hair will look like some of their natural hair icons (bloggers/vloggers). FALSE: Your hair is just as unique as you. As soon as you accept this fact it will make your journey a lot less stressful. 

2. Detox-----Due to the dry nature of natural hair it requires a lot of maintenance including products. After daily moisturizing, wash n go's, gels and co-washing it is important to truly cleanse the hair. A lot of naturalista's only co-wash--although this should be incorporated in your regimen for those with excessive dry hair it should not be the "end all and be all" of cleansing. A clarifying shampoo should be used to remove product buildup, chlorine, sweat and debris. 

3. Diagnosis----You should be an expert on your hair needs. Hair is one of a women's most precious commodity and yet we've trusted its care to the hands of stylist. There is nothing wrong with going to the salon and relying on your stylist for advice but you need to know your hair better than anyone else. If your hair is breaking, brittle, shedding or falling out then you need protein. Include more protein in your diet, do weekly protein deep conditioners and stick with a moisture based conditioner.

4. Home Remedy---There is nothing like some good ole' home made chicken soup to help with the common cold. In the same way, chicken soup heals there is nothing like good old ingredients to give your hair that added boost! Mix egg, olive oil, mayonnaise for an old fashioned hair home remedy. 

5. The Root of the Problem----Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. Give your scalp mini massages during the day--added benefit: It feels good and stimulates the scalp= hair growth. Rubbing your scalp with oils like jojoba and sitting under a steam dryer can work wonders for opening up the pours and allowing nutrients to deeply penetrate. Rinse scalp afterwards.

6. Keep a Balanced Diet--Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. A healthy scalp starts with a healthy body. See Healthy Hair Diets for DEETS. 

7. Magic Touch---Sometimes hair straightening can equal heat damage. With advanced technology frayed ends from heat are no problem. Keratin mends frayed ends by fusing them back together or infusing damaged cuticle. 

8. Stay Strong---The natural hair journey can be hard at sometimes. Stay strong by switching up your style and experimenting with  new looks. If your natural hair is getting boring try a curly sew in or search for YouTube style ideas. Color always seems to bring life to boring hair!

9. Maintenance---Be consistence with your hair regimen and keep a natural hair diary. Daily moisturizing, weekly cleansing and bi-weekly deep conditioning….KEEP TO IT. Photos are great way to track your journey. 

10. Seasons Change---The winter season is upon us---Christmas lights, snow and turkey!!!----Due to the lack of humidity in winter, hair is drier. Upgrade to a water-based conditioner by mixing in natural ingredients such as shea butter or jojoba oil. 

Post Inspired by EBONY Magazine "Hair Rehab"


  1. I been working on number 9! I used to slack off on my hair, but I'm determined to stay consistent and change things up so that it's easier for me to stick with my regimen!

  2. I am working on number 6. God Bless

  3. Great hair is growing like a wildfire

  4. who is the model in the picture above...


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