Thursday, November 17, 2011

Interracial Dating & Natural Hair

One of the great things about being natural is it's versatility. About a week ago, I straightened my hair for an "oh so needed" trim. At the time, it didn't cross my mind that my new hair do would be met with mixed emotions. Everyone from the cashier at the grocery store to the janitor had an opinion on my new straight look. The most surprising reaction was the difference in opinion of my caucasian male friends vs. black male friends. 

Many of my black male friends erred on the side of straight. One actually said to me "The natural look was starting to grow on me but I think straight looks better." (I'm thinking--But who asked your opinion tho?) My white male friends were Pro Fro. Many of them asked "Terri--what did you do to your hair?" "The curls are more you." Surprising huh? 

All along I thought that white men preferred straight hair--well because that's what grows out of their head but to my surprise I was wrong. Even my Asian male friend said to me " Terri--I wish I could grow an afro. It looks so cool. Can I touch it?" My response--"Dave- This ain't no petting zoo."

In a Facebook post by Alex Barnett- Comedian and regular contributor to The Coil Review he described his son's (interracial baby) reaction to the fact that he got his dad's (Alex's--white hair) hair instead of his Mom's (Alex's wife--black hair) hair. 

"You ignoramus. I want an Afro like Mommy. And, it's all your fault, you dumb White guy, that I'm never gonna have one. You and your straight hair, and your melanin-free skin, and your pointy nose, and your socio-economic advantages, and your colonialism. All your fault. Now, I'm just gonna have that weird, 'what kind of hair is that?' hair! I hope you're happy. Now go make yourself useful. Go get us a taxi, 'cause God knows, cabbies won't stop for Mommy and me. Nooooo, because we're people of color. And, we might be trying to do something subversive like, oh, I don't know, get where we're going!"

*Please check out his page. He has the cutest family and funny material*

It is truly surprising to me that a lot of black men still can't get down with natural hair. I mean its the same thing that grows out of their head. If you are in an interracial relationship, what does your partner think about your hair? I'm interested to see if my hypothesis that white men are more Pro Fro than black men is true. 


  1. to sum all of it.. It just goes this way:

    Black Men are looking for something that they do not have. Which is straight hair.

    White Men are looking for something unique that they do not have too. Which is a curly hair.

    We want something new.


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