Friday, November 11, 2011

I Truly Love my Natural Hair: It Is Not Who I am But A Part of The Whole ME.

A few days ago I decided to get my hair blown out because I was in need of a major trim. Although, you should get your hair trimmed at least every 3 months or 6 months, whatever your needs, I have to admit I have been a really bad natural hair blogger/naturalprenuer in this department. Seeing that I haven't had my hair straightened in about 18 months (hands over eyes), I had major anxiety while sitting in the stylist's chair.   I was anxious because the last time I got my hair straightened it was so heat damage that I had to cut most of it off and I did not want a repeat of this episode.

While sitting in the stylist's chair, I kept asking her if she was using a heat protectant and voicing my concern over my hair turning permanently straight. Well she must have gotten annoyed with me because as I was talking about my experience with"heat damage" I saw her and the other stylist in the mirror rolling their eyes. Normally, this kind of behavior would have bothered me but at this particular point in time, I didn't care because this was my hair we were talking about and not just any kind of hair it is my natural hair...and that ladies and gentlemen I take very seriously.

The stylist proceeded to blow out my hair with a blow dryer after applying lots of "heat protectant". From the reflective screen on my blackberry, which I like to use as a mirror..I tried to watch her every move while pretending to BBM..She then proceeded to heat up the curlying stove (you know the one I'm talking about--the old school heating tool with iron curlers from back in the day). I swear I started to have heart I spoke up again and asked " Do you have a flat iron? In particular a Chi?" She looked at me and said " Yes I have a flat iron but it will not get your hair straight the way I want it." By this time I am dying slowly and just want to leave (the other hair stylist in the background still rolling her eyes). I let her do her thing and "Viola" my hair was straight again.

Although I've worn my hair straight for most of my life I felt strange. Kind of like going back to an ex after you've been broken up for years. At first when I started to date (transition) my natural hair I was frustrated. This was something new to me and I just couldn't understand it. As days and weeks went by we got closer (from you tube videos). I started to embrace those dark black curls and one day I woke up and was in LOVE. Now that my hair is temporarily straightened I know that this is not the one for me.

To my surprise, since my hair has been straightened a lot of my friends/associates/family members have been eager  to tell me what they really thought of my natural hair. My aunt "Thank God, you got a perm!" My cousin " Oh your hair looks really nice, now you look professional." A guy friend " Girl you look so much better, straight hair really suits you." A co worker " Don't you ever curly your hair up like that again. This straight hair makes you look like a supermodel."

I had never noticed that everyone around me had such strong opinions of my hair. I don't go around telling people "Oh that purple blouse you had on yesterday looked horrible...that is not your colorgreen is y." So why do others feel the need to express their opinions about my look? And my natural look at that.  A lot of people have their opinion about how one should look, act or dress but the only opinion that matters in this regard is that of the individual. It has taken me some time to love my natural hair and now that I am truly comfortable with the way God made me no one's opinion of my look can change that. Today is Day 7 of my blow out and I am so excited to see my curls again. No Yaki weave, No Goddess Remy, No Lace Front, No Creamy Crack just Natural Curls Baby is what I am working with!

A person is truly happy when they accept who they are Mind, Body and Soul! ~Terrinique Pennerman~

What is the most annoying thing your friends/family/associates have said about your natural hair?

Do you have any salon horror stories? Or hairtastrophes? 

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