Thursday, March 24, 2011

What's in your COCKTAIL?

Stylists have done this for ages. Mixing a bunch of different products to yield a certain result. In a recent story, I read that some stylists mixed relaxers with conditioners to tame Naturalista's curls without their approval. Crazy stuff right?

Many of us Naturalista's have become our own hair's expert to the point where salon visits are an option not a necessity.  In getting to know our hair we have mixed special cocktails and in some instances given them a name. Mixing oils, conditioners, butters, gels, and brands to produce the perfect curl. 

Cocktailing pulls together a concoction that structures the curl by adding definition and hold (creams or gels), giving it shine (oils) and manageability (conditioners). 

Are you a natural born cocktailer? Let us know what you use to produce the perfect curl.

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