Sunday, March 27, 2011

To grease or NOT to grease the scalp?

I would suggest the latter....never grease or oil the scalp. First of all, the scalp does not need our help when it comes to moisture. The sebaceous glands are responsible for providing the necessary oil that your scalp needs. You may think your getting rid of dandruff or dry scalp but your really just covering it up with grease and oils. Actually, greasing the scalp with petroleum products can cause dandruff as the petrolum forms a layer over the scalp that clogs the follicles and increases buildup.  What we should do is try to keep our scalp clean so that the hair follicles can breathe which will result in hair growth. This includes not putting products like creams and conditioners on the scalp. These products should only be applied to the hair NOT the scalp. 

DO apply oils, creams, and conditioners to the hair strands. Mainly focusing your efforts on the ends, which are the oldest and most delicate parts of the hair. Lubricated, moisturized and healthy ends equals Maximum Length Retention.  

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