Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Want to go natural or transitioning? KB can help.

I'm going natural or at least I want to try...can you help me!? I've been getting this a lot lately. Women are wanting to go natural but are not sure the correct steps to take. Going natural takes time and a lot of patience. Natural hair gives you a different feeling about yourself, you feel free, comfortable with who you are, and don't mind taking risks by adding color or a new style. 

When you are transitioning a lot of women are not sure what style is best or if they should straighten their hair. Before you pick up a flat iron...STOP look the other way. The flat iron is your worst enemy and can seriously damage your hair during your transition. I would suggest you stick with styles that involve little to no heat. During my transition I really fell in LOVE with the twist out. I would wash my hair every week, deep condition it, and twist it. This is something that took time and a lot of effort. I researched a lot, youtubed a lot, and asked advice from friends and stylists. 

While transitioning, find that style that fits you whether it's flexi rods, twist outs, protective styles (sew ins or braids). Remember this is going to be a long road but the end result will be well worth it. You can also find a natural hair salon in your area to help with style ideas and great products. I went for a consultation and appointment at Lockstar Natural Hair Salon (Charlotte, NC) while transitioning and they were a big help. Make sure you keep your hair moisturized and don't let the straight hair know its different from the curly ...by straightening as LEAST as possible. 

Hope this helps you in your natural hair journey.

Another article to add to your KB natural hair diary of trends, tricks, and tips!


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