Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bad Hair Days

Ever had a bad hair day? No matter how good you look from neck down you never feel complete without your hair being tight. A banging 'hair-do' makes you feel confident and sexy and others can sense your energy. As you strut down the street you know you caught their eye because like Keri Hilson you got that  'Pretty girl swag'.  At Kurlee Belle, we know how important it is to look your best with fully moisturized curls, coils and kinks so in the meantime to keep your hair shiny and healthy we suggest Organic coconut oil. #naturalhair

1. Apply a generous amount of organic coconut oil to clean dampened hair. 
2. Massage coconut oil onto scalp and run through hair from root to tip. 
3. Apply a shower cap to seal in moisture. 
4. Let stand for an hour and rinse hair clean. Your hair should feel soft and look shiny. 

Remember you are your hair's best advocate. #kurleekutie

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