Saturday, March 30, 2013

Home Remedy: Protein Treatment

Sometimes the best hair care recipes are found in your kitchen. To combat breakage and dryness, we suggest incorporating deep conditioning treatments into your weekly hair care regimen. A lot of our followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, struggle with dry, damaged hair. There are two issues that need to be addressed when your hair  is dry and damaged and those are:

#1- Are you getting enough moisture?
#2- What is the condition of your strands?

Incorporating a weekly deep treatment into your hair regimen will help build the health of your strands by repairing damage and restoring moisture. 

Try this regimen for one month or 4 weeks and watch a dramatic change in the condition of your hair. 

Shampoo hair at least once a week with a moisturizing shampoo. Hair must be shampoo'd before DT is applied. 

Week 1- Use a Protein Treatment like the hair recipe above. 

Eggs are packed with protein that help repair damaged hair as well as makes it incredibly soft and shiny. 
Mayonnaise contains lots of oils and proteins that add moisture, luster and shine to hair. 
Olive Oil is a top emollient that penetrates the hair and is great for moisturizing. It contains anti-inflammatory properties that promote scalp health and prevent dandruff. Extra virgin oil is rich in high levels of mono-unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E, which is an antioxidant important for hair growth.

Week 2, 3, & 4- Use Kurlee Belle Banana Nut & Avocado Treatment to strengthen, condition, add shine and enhance growth. 

Banana is rich in potassium and hailed for its moisturizing properties. 
Avocado contains fatty acids that nourish, smooth and soften hair. 
Honey provides shine while conditioning to make hair soft and supple. 
Coconut hydrates, conditions and softens.

Repeat current deep conditioning regimen monthly. 

The more you take care of your hair , the healthier and longer it will become. 

Do you have a deep conditioning regimen? 

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  1. I'm ashamed to say I don't have a DC regimen. I used to DC every week after my wash but have since become lazy.

    I also don't use protein treatments but I'll be adding those soon. In the beginning I mistakenly thought I didn't need them because I'm a dread.


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