Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Signature Curly Fro

"Going natural isn't for everyone" is a common excuse/saying that I hear all too often. I get the random stares during conversation when the person that's talking to me eyes start to drift upward until it lands on my hair...and I think to myself is there something in my hair. Then I remember that some of our own who rock perms and weaves aren't all to used to seeing my natural it only leads me to wonder 'What is she really thinking about my hair.' But on the other hand, I really don't give a 50 cents. Being an obsessive compulsive, I like for every curl to be perfectly defined therefore it is a must that I style my hair every night (bad I know but this is an addiction that I am working on..don't judge me :)). Sometimes my curly fro doesn't come out the way I would like because it has a mind of its own. On these days, I feel like my entire aura is off but nonetheless, I try my best to keep my ish tight. 

Anyone who has been fully natural for about 3 months or so understands that finding a style that you are comfortable with is more like a marathon than a sprint. On my journey, I became very fond of flexi rods (my friend refers to them as worms) and 4 years later I am still addicted. Flexi rods tend to add length to my hair and give me the big jumbo curly look that I desire. I have experimented with two strand twists, braid outs, wash n go's but nothing says curly girl swag like the use of good old flexi rods. 

How I create my signature curly fro:

  • Separate hair in 10 -15 sections
  • Spray hair lightly with water
  • Apply moisturizer (then oil as a sealant)
  • Two strand twist section (Leave about an inch out at the end to secure around flexi rod)
  • Wrap section around flexi rods away from the face (the key to this technique is to ensure that the ends lay flat around the flexi rods for perfectly curled ends)
  • Let air dry or sit under hooded dryer
  • After hair is dry--separate section being careful not to disturb original twist pattern because this will create frizz. 
  • I use a non slip elastic band around my hair line to give my curly afro shape
  • Style and go

What is your signature styling technique that let's the world know that your bringing sexy back?

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  1. My signature style is simple...wash and condition...I use Jane Carter products and I do about 20-25 small twist with Jane Carter styling cream. This twist out last me about 2 weeks. I also make sure that I have moisturizer on my hands when taking out my twist so that I can have less friz. Love your hair by the way!!! :-)


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