Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Life was like a box of chocolates.....

In Tom Hanks' academy award winning portrayal of Forest Gump he said the words "Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get." I can remember that movie like I watched it yesterday. "Run Forest Run!" and he went on to run all around the USA. Some movies are definitely an inspiration to us all.

The best thing about Valentine's Day for me is the day after Valentine's Day when all the delicious chocolates go on sale. I'm talking about Lindt, Godiva, Ghirardelli, & Forrare Roche the good and expensive kind. We have our advocates of Valentine's Day (women) and our non advocates of Valentine's Day (cheap men) but all that really matters to me is the chocolate.

I have to side with the non advocates of Valentine's Day and say that it is a highly commercialized scheme and a way for retailers to make money because when you love someone you should shower them with roses and chocolates more than once a year. Anyway this post is for all the women out there who don't have a Valentine's and maybe feeling sad and lonely. Just know that your prince charming may not be here today but keep hoping that he is on his way. In Genesis 29: 20 NIV, it says that " So Jacob served seven years to get Rachel, but they seemed like only a few days to him because of his love for her."

And now I pray " Lord, please send me my Jacob." Now that's true love. Even though you may not have a boo to spend Valentine's with or send you flowers ask the Lord to send you your Jacob. A man that would love you unconditionally. You know the saying "Everything that glitters ain't gold?" Well its true, don't be fooled by the Facebook posts of your friends taking mobile pics of their flowers and chocolate. It may seem like everything is wonderful and great in their relationship but when they've signed off of Facebook the masks come off. Don't let me start on all the recent engagements that maybe sleeping in separate beds 12 months after they walk down the aisle. I'm not trying to be a pessimist just think that I need to un-fog some rose colored glasses out there. Because too many women get consumed and sometimes I too (guilty) with relationships as seen on social media (Darren and Jess are now in a relationship, Tom and Samantha just got engaged). Ok that's all fine and great but sometimes Darren is really into John and not Jess.....and Tom felt obligated after 7 years to get engaged to Samantha...just saying you can't believe everything you see. But of course the romantic in me still believes in happy endings.

Pray that the Lord will send you your Jacob and not Fake-cob....because he will be the one worth waiting for. And for those lucky girls who've found their Jacob's, I hope you enjoy this day and all days with your lover to the fullest. <3

Happy Valentine's Day Ya'll!

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