Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bed Head---Natural Hair Night time Regimen!

Night time hair care regimens are one of the biggest struggles of black woman. We all watch reality shows where stars like Kim Kardashian just roll out of bed all perfect and we think to ourselves…."OH OK".  As a naturalista, I have perfected my night time hair care regimen of twisting or braiding my hair then applying a satin bonnet. My boyfriend sometimes complains "Do you have to sleep with that bonnet on every night?" and my non black friends don't understand why I sleep with rollers in or wear a scarf at night….but the truth remains "our" hair is delicate and requires extra TLC especially when we sleep. 

My nightly hair care regimen includes lightly spraying my hair with water, applying a water based moisturizer, twisting/braiding and protecting with a satin bonnet. The problem with this is, the more you manipulate the hair. The more prone your hair is to damage and breakage. Styling my hair daily, has been a habit from the beginning of my natural hair journey. Mainly due to the fact that I like my curls to always be defined. This is a very bad habit and one of my New Year's resolutions is to style every other day instead of daily. 

At the end of the day there are only TWO rules to a successful Natural Hair Night time Regimen. 

NHNTR Rule #1: Apply a Satin/Silk Bonnet or Satin/Silk pillowcase to minimize friction while sleeping. 

NHNTR Rule #2: Dry hair can be fatal. Daily moisturizing in the form of a water based moisturizer and an oil as a sealer to keep the moisture in.

What's your NHNTR?

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