Friday, January 27, 2012

5 Mistakes When Going Natural

The natural hair journey isn't easy but with a little guidance YOU can do it! On my journey, I have made a lot of mistakes that I think will be helpful to those of you transitioning or thinking about taking the plunge. 

1. Hair Copy Cat------->Watching numerous vloggers twist, braid and twine their hair. I thought to myself "My hair can look like that". Turns out everyone's hair texture is unique. A common mistake of new naturals is the thought that their hair will look like their favorite blogger or vlogger. complete misunderstanding. It is called a natural hair journey for a reason because it is a journey of self discovery and discovering what your natural hair texture really looks like. 

2. The Straight weave----->I did not want to do the big chop for various reasons so I decided to transition by wearing straight weave. Turns out the portion on top of my head that was left out to cover the tracks became permanently straight after all the heat processing. My advice to ladies who prefer to transition by wearing a weave, find a curly one. In particular a weave that can blend with your hair texture and use flexi or spiral rods to curl the portion of your hair that is left out. By using heatless styling tools you will not damage the portion of hair that is exposed. 

3. Flat Ironing------>I wish I had known this sooner. After I decided to get off of the creamy crack. I resorted to flat ironing as a way to blend my curly roots with straight ends. Complete "No No". Turns out my "fine" hair texture and a combination of Dominican blow outs are a recipe for disaster. For a year and a half, I got blow outs which stunted the process of growing natural curls. If you have fine textured hair avoid heat styling at all cost. 

4. Long Hair don't care Obsession----->I love bangs. All of my friends can attest to this. So when my newly natural curls didn't exactly fall down onto my forehead I was highly frustrated and upset. I did whatever it took to manipulate my hair to fall onto my forehead but it insisted on sticking up in the air. Letting go of what you used to look like or what you are used to your hair doing will save lots of anxiety on your natural hair journey. Always remember, straight hair is not your hair. You are a highly textured goddess of beauty and getting more comfortable with the new and true YOU will be well worth it in the end. 

5. Not Consulting a Natural Hair Care Professional------->All of the above mistakes could have been avoided if I had consulted a hair care professional before I transitioned. If you are thinking about transitioning visit a natural hair salon for a consultation. These stylist are very knowledgeable and can inform you on the pitfalls of transitioning that will save a lot of headache, time and money. 

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