Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ever looked in the mirror and thought "ugh my hair looks dry and brittle"? #naturalhair

Other than your beautiful face, your hair is usually the second thing that people see when they look at you. Hair allows you to express yourself and change up your look. Whether your feeling classy or eclectic, it can all be accomplished through hair. A new hairstyle can make you look older, sexy, or younger. So it is very important to take extra special care of one of your most important assets. Here are some helpful tips for beautiful hair. 
We are all guilty of not drinking enough H20...well I know I am. When your body is deprived of essential nutrients it tends to pull those nutrients from parts of the body that don't need as much and unfortunately the hair is one of them. Dry, brittle hair is a sign that your body is lacking water or moisture. Brittle hair appears dull and is easily broken with the least amount of stress. The sun, harsh chemicals and heat are also culprits of dry brittle hair. Natural oils (sebum) produced by the scalp have a harder time reaching the ends of curly because of its shape. Drinking lots of water can aid in sebum production. 
About 8 8oz. glasses a day. Thats about 4 1/2 Deer Park individual size bottles. The summer is coming up which means your probably going to sweat more. You should always "up" your water consumption during times of excessive perspiration. 
Protective styles are not just for when you feel like being lazy. They actually serve a greater purpose and that is to protect your hair. Frequent blow drying, teasing, tucking and pulling can do a number on your strands. Try and protect your hair as much as possible from stressful styles, the sun and harsh chemicals. The key to length retention is to protect those ends. 
Nature has provided us with a ton of moisturizers that can leave our hair smooth and strong. Using oils and butters like argan oil (Moroccan oil), macadamia oil, coconut oil, and cupuacua butter are great ways to treat your hair. They can help protect it from the sun and strengthen strands. Well nourished and moisturized hair will not only look healthy but be healthy. 

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