Wednesday, November 18, 2015

7 Holiday Hair Ideas to Jumpstart the Season

The holiday season is fast approaching. Along with the lights, tons of Christmas wrapping paper and egg nog comes the endless holiday celebrations. The weather changes from slightly cold to freezing and we feel less enthused about doing our hair. Updos and protective styles are a great option for the holidays because they are easy to maintain and we can avoid frizz from all the cold/wet air. 

Here are 7 ultra chic style ideas for the holidays, so that you don't have to worry about your hair and focus more on your gifting and party hopping. 

Photo Credit: @teyonahparris
Classy and Timeless. 
Intricate Puffed Updo. 

Photo Credit: +My Natural Sistas 
Sleek and Elegant.
Ponytail with Marley Hair. 

Photo Credit: @mz_tammy
Very Trendy & Chic. 
Two Strand Twists at the top with hair braided upwards at the back! 

Photo Credit: +MsDanti1 
Classic & Cute. 
Curly bangs with sleek ponytail. 

Photo Credit: @shalleenkaye
Edgy and Elegant.
Flat Twist Updo with Curly Bangs. 

Photo Credit: @your_curlfriend
Effortless Style. 
Highly Textured Roll & Tuck

Photo Credit: +Black Hair Information 
Simple Elegant Updo on Blown Out Hair. 

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