Sunday, May 26, 2013

Why I Am Against Washing Natural Hair In The Shower.

The hot water heater and air conditioner are the greatest inventions that make life enjoyable. Utopia, a hot shower on a cold winter's morning or air conditioning on a hot summer's day. Both of these temperature adjusting thing-a-ma-jigs were once luxury items but are now necessities in developed countries. Like, the weather can effect the health of hair, so can these magical machines.

If you have ever showered with a man, it becomes evident pretty quickly that our tolerance for warmer temperatures are much higher than theirs. Let's face it, hot/warm showers are relaxing. The negative effects can be dry, parched skin but the spa like relaxation is worth it. The temptation to turn up the heat in the shower may not be the best for your curly hair. If you are experiencing dry damaged hair and you shampoo in the shower, I urge you to stop now. Washing your hair in the shower, while using hot/warm water is damaging and drying on our strands. Especially if you take long showers (20+ minutes).

Hot water strips the moisture and oil out of the hair and scalp leaving it dry, parched and scaly. Are you experiencing dry flaky scalp? This maybe the source of your problem. In addition to dehydration, hot water will leave your hair frizzy. Cool water on the other hand, has the opposite effect. To combat dry, frizzy hair, use a moisturizing shampoo and leave-in conditioner with cool water. On your next wash day, use cool or room temperature water to shampoo and rinse product out the hair. Take notice of the condition of your hair and scalp afterwards.

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Do You Wash Your Hair In The Shower? Do You Use Hot/Warm Water? 


  1. What do you recommend for low porosity hair, when it comes to washing your hair in the shower?

    1. Cold water is not recommended for those with low porosity hair. The idea is to open up the cuticle with warm warm water during shampooing, and then with heat (e.g. sitting under a bonnet, etc.) during the deep conditioning process, rinsing with warm water, and then closing the cuticle with a leave-in conditioner that has the appropriate pH level to do so.

  2. Looking so much younger today!

  3. When I wash my hair in the shower I purposefully turn the water to a cooler but still kinda warm temperature. Warm enough for my skin and scalp but not so hot that it's stripping my hair. I rinse the conditioner out after I've already come out the shower so I can use cold water to closed the follicles


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