Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Kerry Washington Covers Elle Magazine

Kerry Washington aka The Fixer aka Fitz's mistress aka Olivia Pope graces the cover of Elle Magazine's June Issue. If you no idea what the alias's refer to in the opening sentence, then you must not have access to a TV or smartphone. 

Scandal, a major hit on ABC, comes on Thursday night's at 10 pm i.e. when it is not on sabbatical. Explanation: Scandal is supposed to be a weekly series but it has a history of taking two weeks off between episodes--leaving its fans wanting for more. Any who, back to the Elle Magazine cover.... since Kerry landed the role of Olivia Pope, she has been the talk of the town and red carpet. This role has landed her a new title of fashion icon. At Kurlee Belle, the only thing we love more than natural hair is fashion. We cannot wait to get our hands on this new issue of Elle (hits newsstands May 21st) and see what The Fixer has to offer. 

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