Sunday, January 6, 2013

How To Recover From Color Damaged Hair

The reds, blondes and oranges all look great but some hair types do not work well with color--mine happens to be one of them. Color is a great way to spice up natural hair and make those curls really pop. Some women can get their hair permanently colored and not experience split ends or breakage.  Other women get color and their hair breaks, splits and looks dry. If you have recently had color that has damaged your strands, here are a few tips to growing healthy stronger hair.

#1- If you have had color before and find that your hair became damaged my advice to you is to leave the color alone. You can try and convince yourself that you just didn't take care of your hair in the past and it will be alright now, but better safe than sorry (learn from my mistake). Chances are if your hair was damaged by color in the past, it will be damaged by color in the future. 

#2- On average, hair grows about 1/2 an inch per month. Trim about 1/2 an inch each month until the color is completely gone. Trimming will prevent the hair from splitting and damaging the entire strand. 

#3- Stay away from harsh shampoos, opt for a moisturizing or conditioning shampoo. Color damaged hair can be dry and brittle, using harsh shampoos will contribute to dryness. Moisturizing or conditioning shampoos will help to nourish the strands. 

#4- Weekly deep conditioning or hot oil treatments will assist in improving the condition of your hair. Undamaged strands will benefit tremendously from deep conditioning which means you will be growing stronger healthier hair. 

#5- Heat should be avoided when the hair is damaged. Applying heat to damaged strands will speed up the breaking process. When in doubt always air dry. It is best for healthy or damaged hair. 

Have you experienced breakage from color or highlights? What happened? Tell us your story. 


  1. I did a box color and it DRIED MY HAIR OUT. Months later, my hair is just back to softening up. I had to stop shampooing weekly and just shampooing monthly and that helped.

    1. Thanks for sharing your story Naturally Naturals.


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