Thursday, September 13, 2012

Michelle Obama Nail Color from the DNC

If you follow me on Instagram (terrinique), then you know that I love nail color! Nail color is a fun accessory that adds character to any outfit. While watching the First Lady Michelle Obama give an amazing speech at the Democratic National Convention, I could not help but notice her well manicured hands. I did some investigating via google and found out that the nail color is "Vogue" by Artistic Nail Design. The gray-lilac irridescent complimented her beautiful pink dress so well.  Unfortunately this color is not for sale but has to be applied by a nail technician.... but you know I got your back....Below are some nail color substitutes. 

Learn more about Artistic Nail Design in this video: 

Options you can find:

Essie Sag Harbor

Rival De Loop 54

China Glaze Sea Spray

Do you love nail color? Will you try it?

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