Saturday, October 1, 2011

Natural without Limits!

There are a lot of excuses around deciding to "go natural" but the one that I would like to address is: I am limited in what I can do with my hair because it is natural. This is a big misconception. 

One of the great advantages of being "natural" is the flexibility that it offers. Great Naturalistas know that being a curly girl is one of the greatest things in the world. As a naturalista, you have the ability to wear a sexy twist out (Check out Meechy Munroe's twist out), textured afro (like my girl Elle from Quest for the Perfect Curl) or wear it straight. Being natural is something like having your cake and eating it too!

If you are like me and follow beauty and fashion trends then you know that there are a number of hairstyle trends that don't fit the natural hair bill. My challenge to you is to take the limits off of your hair and explore new and exciting styles. It is ok to switch it up sometimes....and it is ok to straighten your hair. CAUTION: Please consult a natural hair stylist before straightening your hair. If the process is not performed properly you can risk heat damage i.e. permanently straightened hair. 

2011 Fall Hair Trends include Braids, Soft Chignons, Hair Accessories, Flashes of Color and Deliberate Frizz....Let the Inspiration Begin....

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