Sunday, October 9, 2011

Beautiful but NOT Broke

From ancient times women have been obsessed with looking beautiful. Some have created detailed beauty regimens that they live by or have gone to extreme lengths to achieve a certain look. All in an effort to enhance their natural beauty.

14th century BC: Nerfetiti "which means a beautiful woman has come" was an exquisite Egyptian Queen. She was most famous for her bust, which in Ancient Egyptian culture is notable of exemplifying realistic facial proportions. To keep herself looking beautiful, Nerfetiti dyed her nails with henna, took sea salt baths and rubbed aroma oils into her skin. Today, plastic surgeons try to imitate the shape of Nerfetiti's eyes, nose and lips. (We owe nail polish, facial scrubs and lotion to Nerfetiti.)

Late 69 BC: Cleopatra damed the "Great Beauty" of her time used to bathe in milk and honey to exfoliate and soften her skin. She was known to make powerful men bow on their knees because of her aesthetic and sexual appeal. 

Jumping a few centuries to the 90's and 2000's, we have many notable beauties whose beauty secrets we long to replicate. Magazines such as Elle, InStyle, Vogue and Glamour make a fortune off of dishing on Beyonce's work out routine, Rihanna's style, and Kim Kardashian's diet. 

Today beauty regimes have been taken to a whole new level. It is not just the skin, nails and hair we have to keep beautiful. It is the entire body. It includes exercising, eating healthy, dressing in the latest trends while maintaining beautiful hair, skin and nails. 

Although we may not have a personal stylist like Rihanna, trainer like Beyonce or personal chef like Kim K we have options! 

Fashion: Thrifting is the new Black if you don't believe me ask MsVaughnTV. The Goodwill, TJMaxx, Ross or Marshalls provide the latest trends but on a budget. A pair of Christian Louboutins would be nice but who are we kidding...we are in a double dip recession. Instead of investing in pricey pieces try investing in Emerging markets. 

Beauty: There are a ton of Hair, Skin, & Nails treatments in your kitchen. Check out my Honey and Lemon Face Mask. Give yourself a manicure and pedicure by investing in nail polish and foot scrubs. Try creating your own deep treatment from ingredients you already have.

Body: If a gym membership isn't in your budget then use the good old outdoors. Grab a friend and go for a run/walk in a nearby park or take your ipod and run/walk to the beat. Make working out fun and a part of your beauty routine. 

What are your inexpensive beauty secrets? 

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