Thursday, July 28, 2011

6 Summer Hair Survival Tips

Summer heat can do a number on our hair, leaving it dry and out of control. Here are a few tips to keep your hair looking its best as we try to beat the heat. 

 Condition and Go! 

The summer heat can leave you feeling sticky and gross...and your hair sweaty. Instead of washing your hair everyday, try rinsing it (with water only) in the shower and applying conditioner. Washing your hair everyday can strip away essential nutrients leaving it dry and rough. By rinsing with water instead of shampoo, allows you to wash away the sweat and odor without stripping natural oils.

*Tip: Section hair in twists or braids before rinsing in the shower to reduce styling time.* 
2. Avoid Clarifying Shampoos.

Curly hair is prone to feeling rough and looking dry. Clarifying shampoos provides no added benefit for curly hair. This type of shampoo offers zero protection from damage, especially when hair is in its most vulnerable state. Moisturizing shampoos are best for curly hair because they defend against damage and frizz.

 Quench thirsty curls.

"Curly hair has more protein and less moisture than straight hair, so it seeks to balance itself by absorbing any available moisture," says Craig Carter, an ethnic-hair expert with the Carlos Lobo Salon in New York City. If your hair is parched, it will pull moisture from the humid air, leading hair shafts to become puffy and frizzy. A weekly deep-conditioning mask will help curly hair stay well-hydrated and will create a humidity barrier.

 Air drying is better.

Instead of pulling out the blow dryer or sitting under the hooded dryer...opt to air dry. This summer's heat should be the only heat your hair experiences. Heating your hair with styling tools and staying out in the sun is like baking a cake twice. Bantu knots, two strand twists or a good old Wash-n-go are great styles for air drying.
5. Less is more. 

Has your hair stylist ever told you to "Use a dime size of product?"Applying too much product can weigh the hair down and leave it feeling sticky. Use a dime or quarter size amount of your favorite leave in and apply equal amounts to each section of the hair. The results should yield a uniform curl pattern.

*Tip: Remember to apply the product from root to tip. The scalp should always be clean--no product required.*
6. Get wet before getting wet. 

If you plan to visit the beach or pool this summer don't do so before wetting your hair. Rinse your curls before and after you get out of the water, then apply leave-in conditioner. A thick or cream leave in conditioner is recommended for coarse and thick curls.

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